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Hi I’m Amanda! I am a former Air Force member who has transitioned to being a stay at home mom and Air Force wife. My husband and I met in college in our military training program (ROTC). Since then, we have lived in New Mexico and Ohio and now California. After serving in the military for six years including a deployment to Afghanistan, I left the military to stay at home with my son. Now we are a family of four living the dream in Southern California (until we move again) enjoying the beautiful weather and frequent trips to Disneyland.

Airman2Mom is full of stories and inspiration pulled from my life experience of military officer and now stay at home mom. I also have used it to share my experience of deploying to Afghanistan on a Provincial Reconstruction Team.

My goal is to inspire others who have a military connection be it former service, military spouse or both.  I love connecting with other join my email list to get updates on blog post and other happening in the Airman to Mom community!

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