Top 5 Episodes for Women of the Military Podcast 2019

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What are the top most popular episodes from 2019? Check out my latest episode where I share the five most downloaded episodes of 2019. The stories range from Air Force to Coast Guard and Marines, including a few of my solo episodes. You have to listen to the whole episode to hear what episodes were the most popular in 2019.

If you want to hear the breakdown on the podcast you can listen to the whole episode here.

Check out the top five episodes from the first year of Women of the Military Podcast being live. With over 50 stories of military women you won't want to miss a single episode from the Women of the Military Podcast. #podcast #military #militarywomen #women #womenmilitary #veteran #militarypodcast #hermilitarystory

Top 5 Episodes for Women of the Military Podcast 2019

5. Dealing With Infertility in the Military – Episode 36

Kerry was an officer in the US Coast Guard. She attended the Coast Guard Academy and graduated with a degree in Marine Science, but the Coast Guard needed Engineers so she spent her first five years in the Coast Guard doing Engineering work. In her story, we talk about her struggle to get pregnant and the way she was treated by her leadership while undergoing infertility treatments.

4. Diving into Marine Corps Life – Episode 12

On the advice of a friend who had joined the Marines a few years before Suzie started looking into the military. He urged her to join the Air Force, but she was strong-willed and independent. She walked straight past the Air Force recruiter’s office and joined the Marines, she was at MEPS four days later. Susie joined the Marine Corps in August 1999. She served four years on active duty in the Corps. Her military occupation was water purification. Nowadays she is a mother of four teenagers, a yoga instructor and runs her blog, Susan Leda – Dishes are not for the faint of heart.

3. 7 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Joining the Military – Episode 42

There was a lot I needed to learn about military life before I decided to join the military. You don’t really know what you don’t know about military life until you are in the service and experience different parts of it. In this episode, I talked about things I wish I would have known and how those things I learned shaped my career in the military. Listen here.

2. Being A Mom Deployed – Episode 3

In this interview, we talk about Cynthia’s journey to military life. She joined the military through the Reserve Officer Training Corps program. A program she joined just to learn a little more about the military. One of the biggest struggles she had during ROTC was meeting height and weight standards and physical fitness. Listen to how she worked hard to overcome her struggles to become an officer in the Air Force. Listen here.

1. Air Force Civil Engineer, Amanda Huffman – Episode 2

Amanda served in the military for six years as an Air Force Civil Engineer. Her first assignment was to Holloman AFB in Alamogordo, NM. There she was assigned to the 49th Civil Engineer Squadron. She worked in both the Environmental Flight and the Engineering Flight. In 2010, she deployed to Afghanistan as part of a Provincial Reconstruction Team. She ended her career at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio working at Air Force Material Command doing Energy Management. Listen here.

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