Dealing with Infertility in the Military

Kerry was an officer in the US Coast Guard. She attended the Coast Guard Academy and graduated with a degree in Marine Science, but the Coast Guard needed Engineers so she spent her first five years in the Coast Guard doing Engineering work.

At the age of 38 Kerry wanted to become a mom, but when she began fertility treatments she wasn't provided an environment to make her reality of becoming a mom possible. She now works with the Service Women Action's Network to bring change for those who follow her. #coastguard #infertility #military

She ended up bouncing around to different jobs and not following the traditional career path all of that starting with going into a career that she didn’t have a background in. Her jobs ranged from Sexual Assault manager to logistics to emergency response.

The missions of the Coast Guard

We talked a lot about
the different missions the Coast Guard is a part of. The Coast Guard does so
many different missions to support and defend the United States and most people
don’t even know about what they do.

When she tried to get pregnant at 38, she found out she had PCOS and needed infertility treatments. Her leadership didn’t support her choice to seek infertility treatments. She was forced to move in the middle of treatments and lost the embryos. Her leadership gave her low marks and sent her out into the field. In the end, she wasn’t able to get pregnant and then after being forced to retire she was told by the VA that her PCOS was service-related and they provided medical care, but it was too late. She was then 43 and the likelihood of success was almost non-existent.

She now works with the Service Women Action Network (SWAN) to help work to change policy and prevent others from having to go through a similar experience. She has chosen not to complain about her situation, but to be an advocate for women and bring change.

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Service Women Action Network (SWAN)

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  1. I know Kerry first hand. I’ve worked for her, with her, and she has become a great friend through he years. Her leadership and values embody the officer that all branches should be busting their ass to retain. We did Kerry a discervice. The armed services are not at the forefront in many of their policies regarding working mothers. And that’s where we need to be if we expect to retain leaders of tomorrow.

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