Christmas Tree Lane

Christmas Tree Lane’s annual opening begins by closing down the lane to auto traffic and only allowing foot traffic. The tradition started in 1920 when a single tree was lit in honor of a child who died. Since 1920, there have been two years when it was closed 1940 (wartime restriction) and 1972 (energy crisis). Each year more than 100,000 visitors come to see the lights.

Christmas Tree Lane (Fresno, CA)

The Magic of Christmas Tree Lane

I am not sure what makes Christmas Tree Lane so magical. It could be the huge evergreen trees that line Van Ness Blvd covered with lights. It could be all the houses that participate making each stretch a sight to see or maybe it the traditional decorations. The house that goes crazy with lights galore, or the teddy bear Christmas Tree at the very end of the lane. But maybe for me, it is the many memories I have shared with family and friends. Getting an opportunity to bring my own children to a tradition that I celebrated is very special. Especially, since we have moved away from home. Getting opportunities to share parts of my childhood with my children is a luxury.


If you are ever near Fresno, California during the holiday season I recommend taking time to stop and drive or walk down Christmas Tree Lane. You will not be disappointed. It is located on Van Ness Blvd between Shields and Shaw Ave. There is no cost.

What is your favorite light display on Christmas Tree Lane or what is your favorite place to see lights if Fresno is not your home?

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  1. What a beautiful display of lights! I’m sure your son was mesmerized, My “little boy” is 22, and my “baby girl” is 21, and we still enjoy our Christmas light tours as a family here in Chico. Thanks for posting!

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