Military Inspired Holiday Gift Guide

This year there is a focus on supporting military owned businesses through the #shopmilitary hashtag. And as a military spouse and veteran I want to support the #shopmilitary movement. So, I have created a military inspired holiday gift guide full of companies that I love. I have either gotten a gift from them or have them on my wish list. This post does contain affiliate links that will help my business to grow. It is also a way that I can share these companies after making purchases with them. Not all businesses linked are affiliates.

My top picks:

Brilliant Business Mom Planner

The leader (Beth Anne) behind BBM is a military spouse. And she actually just moved this summer like I did. I have purchased her planner in the past and in truth I didn’t use it the way I should, but I also didn’t really need a planner for my business. I have started using my old planner the last few months (crossing out dates to match this year) while I waited for my new one to arrive and I love it. If you are a business owner or even a busy mom, you need this planner to help keep your life simplified. Order yours here!

The Rosie Project Apparel

With a mix of military inspired (because deployment, PCS hair don’t care) and your everyday wear (choose love, gratitude not attitude) you are sure to find what you are looking for. Along with t-shirts they also have jewelry, hats, coffee mugs, kids’ clothes and more. And did I mention the shirt I have is pretty much the most comfortable thing I own. You need one in your closet today! Use AMANDAH at checkout to save 10%

Essential Oils

A friend introduced me to essential oils a few years back and I was pretty wary of the idea. But then my youngest son had a diaper rash that wouldn’t quit and I was able to use essential oils to help it heal. I have also used oils to help me when I was going through an intense drug prescription to help me calm down and sleep. That week of going from not sleeping to sleeping changed my tune about these mighty oils. And now I use my diffuser everyday and keep learning more ways to help my family stay healthy and not bring harmful chemicals into my home. Feel free to email (airmantomom at gmail dot com) me if you have any questions.

Riveter Bags

This is on my wish list for sure. I don’t own a R. Riveter Bag, but maybe someday I will soon. R. Riveter Bags are more than the materials that put them together. Instead they are crafted with care by military spouses across the country. The mission of R Riveter Bags is to empower military spouses through employment that can move with them. I love their philosophy of “R. Riveter doesn’t hire military spouses to make handbags, we make handbags to hire military spouses.”

A few other great military related companies

Hello Roise Co.: A military spouse life+style brand that hoists everyday military living and moments in that journey to celebrate.

Mutt’s Sauce: I had the opportunity to try Mutt’s Sauce at the Military Influencer Conference and it was amazing. I’m not big into Barbeque Sauce so I was surprised how much I liked it. And the story behind how Charlynda ended up with her grandfather’s recipe is inspiring.

Legacy Magazine: Legacy Magazine is a publication for service members families and their communities that operates from the premise that every individual is designed on purpose and for a purpose – with unique experiences, qualities, and strengths that can be used for the betterment of our communities. Order Volume 3 today

Brave Crate: Brave Crate is a monthly subscription box for military spouses who want to make the most of every moment while their service member is deployed!

Classy Broads Coffee: Leslie O’Byrant started Classy Broads Coffee and quickly learned the Coffee industry is a male dominated industry. She wanted to do her part to change that and has created a feminine brand.

Who did I miss? What company do you plan on ordering from this holiday season?

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    • They haven’t been around very long, but they have so much cool stuff. I hope you find something you love. Don’t forget to use AMANDAH to save 10%

    • I love the idea of supporting the military community. I love being part of this community and am happy to share with others.

    • It really is. I love all of it. PCS hair, don’t care is my favorite. Don’t forget to use AMANDAH to save 10%.

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