How to Incorporate Self Care into Your Life

Do you have a good self care routine? It is a question I have heard a little bit about mainly since becoming a mom. And for awhile I would say of course I know how to take care of myself, but is that what self care even means?

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A quick search of Wikipedia let me know that self-care is an important part of my health.

And to my surprise, it isn’t something that comes natural. Self-care is learned. And when you think about how much work goes into taking care of a baby they eventually take care of themselves. It seems only natural to come to the conclusion that self-care requires you to learn. It isn’t something you are born with.

Self-care is also something that you must be actively managing. As life circumstances change you have to find ways to help yourself take care of these situations. And there is a trial and error system to finding what works for you.

Some people may find yoga as a way to find balance and relaxation while others may enjoy long walks or listening to music. Finding the thing that helps you deal with either a stressful situation or life in general is key to self-care.

Military to Mom

When I became a mom and left the military. My life kind of went into a spinning cycle of crazy. I lost part of my identify by no longer being in the military and was also struggling with so many of the things that motherhood brings. One of the top things was a lack of sleep.

Before becoming a mom, I had always found working out to be a way to find myself. And it took me a few months before I finally found a way to start working out again with my new lifestyle. It has continued to evolve and change as my kids get older and life changes.

And now looking back I realize that when I wasn’t working out for a long period of time it was really hurting me physically and emotionally. I never realized how important this part of my life was.

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Military Spouses Need Self Care

Self-care is really important. And since military spouses often have life events that cause life to change, self-care is super important. With moving regularly, husbands deploying or leaving for training for an extended period of time, to finding new jobs and just the normal changes life brings. We need to find a way to incorporate self-care into our lives.

But how? Military spouses seem to be so good at juggling so many things, but then they forget to take time for themselves. And even when they want to get away to do something for themselves it might be too far away or maybe their husband is gone again. Life is just complicated.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. The theme for the 3rd Annual Military Spouse Wellness Summit (March 5th -11th) is Renew You. With topics ranging from fitness and nutrition, connecting purposefully and sleeping peacefully this conference has got you covered.

And do you know the best part? It is online and general admission is FREE.

If you are a military spouse, you can’t pass up this opportunity to be able to tune in and learn about how to take care of yourself. You deserve some time focused on you! Not only will it make your life better it will make the life of those who depend on you better because they will get a better version of you.

So where do you sign up?

Head over to In-Dependent’s website (HERE) and sign up! General Admission is FREE! There also is an option for VIP Admission for $79! This give you a private Facebook group, the ability to download the talks and be entered in the awesome giveaways.

Sign up before January 31st using the Promo code EARLYBIRD you save 50% off VIP admission.

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