To Those Supporting Their Military Service Member

Did you know I still have most of my letters from my deployment?

To those of you supporting men and women serving overseas. You matter more than you realize and we appreciate every letter, email, phone call, care package and prayer.

If you have been subscribed to my email list (click here if you want to join) or read the blog for very long you probably know I have the digital emails I sent home and am creating them into a book. But that isn’t wanted I’m talking about.

Handwritten letters or cards from family, friends, and even people I don’t even know. I found them tucked away in a box while searching for something else. And when I found them I stopped and took the time to read them. After that, all I could do was say thank you. Thank you to everyone who sent me an email, a letter, a card, a care package. Prayed for me, thought about me and now to those who follow me on my journey today.

When I started my blog I started to share the struggles I faced when I left the military to stay at home while also sharing a few of my deployment stories. And blogging has been an adventure and a journey I’m glad I started. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but in a way, it is even better, even if it is a lot harder than I thought.

And as I thought about these letters that I still have today, I wondered if people thought they couldn’t do anything to encourage someone serving overseas. So, I thought I would share what some of them say because it isn’t anything drastic or crazy. But I still hold on to them today. Shall we take a look together?

Letters from family and friends:

We are thinking about you and praying for you! I hope time flies by and you are home with Michael soon.

Thank you for your service! We sincerely appreciate the sever sacrifice you are making and can only imagine the hardship you endure. We will hold you close in prayers and pray for your safe return home.

You are in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you and thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Thank you for your emails. I love hearing what you are doing. I miss you. And I’ll envy you when the pomegranates are ripe.

My Bible Study group and church are praying for you and your team. We love your updates…We love you.

I hope you are doing well in Afghanistan. I must say that the tone of your update emails is always upbeat and you seem to be really excited about the job you are doing…Take care. I’ll look forward to seeing you home safe and sound.

Just making some wishes that you were here or at least with Michael. Praying things are going wonderfully. We are so proud of you and miss you lots. We love your updates, take care sweet girl.

I hope this finds you well in Afghanistan. I think about you often and you are in my prayers.

Miles may keep us separated, but love keeps us close at heart.

We wanted to send you another care package. Hope you enjoy it. We went to Buchan Hollow Nut in LeGrand to get you some nuts and the lady who served us donated another package of nuts. She appreciated your service, we do too…God bless you and all those who stand beside you.

We have enjoyed your emails and pics. Sending a book and a few munchies. Hope all is well.

We wanted to send you a care package…We are proud of you and will keep you in our prayers.

Thank You

I think that surprised me the most when I was overseas was how many people ended up being connected to my story. I received so many care packages and emails full of encouragement. I’m using this blog post as a way to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who supported me or any service member serving overseas. The things you do to help us know we have not been forgotten and means more than you ever know!

And to honor those who are serving I’m kicking off a 31 Day Series in October sharing deployment stories and experience. I have interviews with people who have served overseas (military and civilian) and I also have included the stories of a handful of military spouses. Their sacrifice is means so much.

Are you leaving the military? Are you unsure what comes next? Struggling with what do next? I can help. I served in Air Force for six years before becoming a military spouse, mom and blogger. The transition from military to mom was a hard one for me and the one thing that helped me was finding purpose again. I want to help you navigate the transition of life after the military and help you thrive. I created a workbook with the tools I have learned the past four years. Leading me from lost, lonely mom to momprenuer. #militarylife

8 comments on “To Those Supporting Their Military Service Member

  1. I am so glad you found support from well wishers when you were overseas. Military life is a real sacrifice so few of us understand. I couldn’t imagine being separated from my family for a few days much less weeks or months.

    • Luckily for me I wasn’t a mom when I was deployed. It is part of the reason I got out. It was hard enough to be away from my husband it would have been even harder with kids. I admire all the moms and dads who serve.

  2. My first husband served in Vietnam – I kept every single letter he ever wrote me. I wrote to him every day – he told me that is what kept him going! Your posts are encouraging and so helpful to those who serve. I am grateful for every one of them. xo

  3. Amanda, Thank you first of all for serving our country and for all the sacrifices you have personally made for us to live in freedom. Thank you for sharing your heart and writing this blog to keep so many informed and what is really happening behind the line of duty. This is only my second blog I have read if yours and I was deeply moved and touched by the sharing of people writing you and the encouragement it brought to you. It opened my eyes to how I need to be sending cards and hand written notes of encouragement not only to our men and woman serving, but loved ones near by and afar that are battling life in general. We are all fighting battles and we need each other to bring hope , love and encouragement. What a beautiful soul you are Amanda and I’m so blessed to have you at our table. God Bless you and thank you for your words that go out to so many every week. May our Lord continue to pour down blessings and favor upon your precious life. Kathy Coco

  4. I’m so excited about this year. Thank you for reading my story and your beautiful words of encouragement. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

  5. What a great idea to turn them into a book! A wonderful keepsake to treasured. My husband keeps all of the letter and cards I send him when he deploys too! He’s a sap. 🙂

  6. That is so sweet. Yes, it is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Now it is in draft form and I’m waiting for the next step. Hopefully at the end of 31 Days I can get back to writing it/finishing it.

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