I Notice You and What You Do on Purpose

This week the word for Five Minute Friday is Purpose. I have actually been working on another blog post that ties into this word and I thought the posts for this would be similar, but it didn’t really end up being quite the same. Anyways, it was still fun. If you want to join in check out Kate’s blog.

I have been struggling a lot with what my purpose is right now as a mom and a stay at home mom to boot. When I was serving in the military it wasn’t hard to explain your purpose. People who were serving next to me understood what it meant. Civilians from the outside at least were in awe of your sacrifice if not truly understanding what it all meant. Family and friends were proud of what you had done or accomplished.

I notice what you do on purpose

But moms are different. The story we tell often goes unnoticed. You know how when you go to a big event and everything goes smoothly and no one ever really thinks about the countless hours that go into making the event happen. Or even the additional people at the event ensuring things continue to run smoothly.

But then when there is something wrong. People wonder why there wasn’t enough planning. Why did the event not foresee the problem at hand. How could they have prevented it before it happened.

Motherhood is a lot like that. When you are doing a good job and raising your kids to be functioning members of society no really notices. The hard work, tears and effort, just go unnoticed. At least that’s the way it feels sometimes.

But I notice you and I notice the purpose you are doing day in and day out. It is hard and it requires probably more than you can give, but you can do it and when you look back it will all be worth it.

15 comments on “I Notice You and What You Do on Purpose

  1. Amen! Motherhood IS truly one of the greatest professions and one of the most important. Not many public accolades but many fringe benefits. (where else can you get a slimy, sticky, ooey gooey smooch). What a sweet picture 🙂 I’m behind you at Kate’s place this week.

  2. Aww! I totally get you! The one year I stayed home was perhaps the most difficult one of my life! But in retrospect, that was one of the most important years in our family–I bonded with our babies, I learned a lot about myself, my husband and I learned to communicate better. For the three years after that, Pedro stayed home with our girls (which was a really cool experience for all of them) and I worked. After that, I felt that we both ‘got it.’

    • It is really a special time, but also very hard. I sometimes wish my husband could stay at home so he would get it too. I love that I can stay home, but sometimes I dream of going to work. But it really is a special blessing to stay home.

  3. Amen! There is so much pressure on moms to do everything and to do it flawlessly. Its unfortunate moms aren’t recognized for how important and hard working they are.

    • It really is. It is so nice to hear from all the comments that you guys get it. Makes my heart happy!

  4. Wow…I feel so blessed that I found your blog today! I’m an Air Force wife whose husband is thinking about retiring next year. I walked away from my career years ago to be “the mom.” I don’t regret one moment of the time I’ve had with my kids, but now I’m thinking about redefining my role and the possibility that the end of his career could be the beginning of a new one for me! It’s awesome and scary all at the same time! It’s funny that the prompt this week led both of us to reflect on our journeys as military families! I’m in the #77 spot if you’d like to see where the prompt took me! So, so glad I found you on FMF today. Blessings to you as you begin this new chapter.

    • Thanks for stopping by Kate. I feel so lucky to have you read my blog this week. I love the opportunity to join the FMFriday community each week. Or in my case every other week. 😉

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