From the Military to Motherhood on Kindred Mom

I am a former Air Force officer with a Civil Engineering degree.

I hold a Professional Engineering license.

I deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months on a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) and came home with a bronze star and combat action medal.

Are you impressed yet?

I am also now a bewildered and struggling stay at home mom who doesn’t know how to reconcile the purpose and prestige I experienced in my ‘former’ life with the reality of the mundane life I live now. Motherhood has humbled me. It has also held up a mirror for me to take a long, vulnerable look at myself. Who am I really?

Am I still that success-driven woman I once was? Most days, I don’t feel like her.

Military to motherhood

I refer to my deployment to Afghanistan as the glory days–you know the days when I used to be important. I spent six years in the military, including a 9-month tour to Afghanistan. And I’m proud of my deployment and the story that goes with it. A PRT deployment isn’t a traditional military deployment, it took me out of my comfort zone and interacting directly with the Afghan people on almost a daily basis. Putting me on the front lines of a combat zone where danger is a constant threat. Where you don’t know if the person you are helping is a friend or foe. As you help, as best you can, to rebuild the country’s infrastructure and attempting to bring hope to a people who desperately need it. Read more.

Read the rest of the story at Kindred Mom. Today I am lucky enough to be a guest author on Kindred MomKindred Mom is a gracious online community dedicated to helping moms flourish in motherhood. We believe motherhood is a sacred and beautiful journey of discovery and we are committed to holding space for moms who are looking for connection, guidance, encouragement, and truth about the incredible role of a mother.

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