The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Military Husbands

by Guest Contributor – Jennifer Grant

Valentine’s Day is the day that many couples show one another just how much they mean to each other. A nicely worded card and a special gift are tokens of admiration and love that couples give to one another on this holiday.

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However, finding the right gift for your wife who is in the military may seem a bit of a challenge, to say the least. More often than not it takes some creativity to figure out what she’d like and how to show her you understand her American pride. We’ve taken the work out of finding that gift and came up with some great and well-researched ideas. Here are some unique ideas that your military spouse is sure to love this Valentine’s Day.

Patriotic Chocolates and Candy

Let’s not forget one of the most common gifts on Valentine’s Day: candy! During Valentine’s Day, there are tons of favorites to choose from, like a box of chocolates or those delightful candy hearts with cute phrases on them that everyone enjoys, but why not give her something unique like these chocolate military medallions.

Commemorative Flag Case

This special gift comes right from the heart and shows your military wife you understand just how much her service and patriotism means to her. These unique commemorative cases display the American flag proudly anywhere in your home.

Concert Tickets

Why not treat her to a night out on the town with one of her favorite musicians? Surprise her with dinner, then head over to a concert that she will never forget. Plan ahead to figure out the time of the concert so that you can coordinate everything appropriately. You can even let on that you are taking her out for Valentine’s Day and keep the concert a secret until after dinner has finished up. Your wife will not only be overwhelmed with the love you have for her but shocked that you know her so well. It will surely be a Valentine’s Day for the record books.

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Let’s face it. All women love clothes. If your loved one is in need of a new wardrobe or an update to her current one, treat her with a gift card to her favorite clothing store. Instead of choosing the items of clothing for her, a gift card gives her the chance to pick out clothes and get some pieces that she’ll really love.

Challenge Coin Display

Your service member will love this unique and thoughtful gift. Service medallions and challenge coins are collected among military members. They showcase the camaraderie in the military and even give them bragging rights with their friends. These treasured items can sometimes be tricky to store because military members don’t just want to put them just anywhere. This challenge coin display will give your wife a place to display her coins proudly.


Women adore receiving jewelry, especially when it is from their spouse. Think about the type of personality she has and what she would like to show off to the world when figuring out what type of jewelry to get her. A personalized dog tag necklace, customized with your photo or child’s photo, is sure to be a hit.

Gifts for a Deployed Spouse

Spending Valentine’s Day alone when your wife is deployed can be a difficult time for both of you. Try to lighten up her holiday by sending her something special to let her know you are thinking of her this February 14th. Instead of focusing on how lonely you both are, look for a creative avenue to show her that you will be able to endure the loneliness and your relationship will be even stronger when she returns. These unique gifts can put a smile on her face even from halfway across the world.

Personalized Pillowcase

A personalized pillowcase is a great way to ensure you are the last thing on her mind when her head hits the pillow every night. You can even include a personal message in text on the pillowcase.

Custom Photo Book

Gather some of the best pictures you’ve taken of yourself and your children while your wife has been gone. Put these photos together into a personal, customized photo book. This book will give her something to look at to catch up on everything happening at home, especially when she misses you.

Tasty Care Package

In addition to a nice little Valentine’s Day gift, send her a tasty care package with all of her favorite snacks. Giving her a little taste of home will remind her of all the fun and love that awaits when she returns. Get the kids involved and bake something for mom together.

Open the Care Package on Skype

When you must spend the holiday apart, use the tools of streaming video like Skype to open the care package together. This will allow you to feel a little bit like you are there even when you are many miles apart. Write a personal letter to read to her when they she is opening her care package.  Tell her all the reasons why you love her and how proud you are of her.

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday that celebrates the love couples and families have for one another. Whether they are home or deployed, we have highlighted some of the most well-thought-out gifts that you can get for your wife this Valentine’s Day.

Guest Post – Jennifer Grant

I am excited to partner up with Jennifer Grant this week to share this post!
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