Have you Heard of Groupon Coupon?

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When military families move from one duty station to another sometimes it hard to know what the best things to do are. You often don’t want to risk spending full price at a new restaurant, salon or attraction, especially since most military families are on a budget. My family has used Groupon multiple times to get a great deal. And we love it! But as we get settled into our new home we find our favorite places to go and life often gets busy so we don’t check out Groupon as often. So, I’m excited to know that now the deal I used to search for new things is now available at stores I use on a regular basis.


Groupon Coupon?

Have you heard about Groupon Coupon? I hadn’t heard of it until recently. They have coupons for stores ranging from Tax software, Uber, GoDaddy and so many different clothing stores and so much more. I was most excited to see coupons for Target! Currently there are 82 coupons on Groupon Coupon, 5 Promo Codes, 77 sales items and 9 in store offers. Who doesn’t love to find a great deal at Target?

The other thing great about Groupon Coupon is that it is easy to use. You just head over to the Groupon website or mobile app. Go before you shop or while you shop. It is your choice. You can view the featured coupon or get more details for a specific store or category. There are special deals right now for Valentine’s day, personalized M&Ms or maybe a tasty treat for your loved one from Edible Arrangements.

If you need anything you can probably find it on Groupon Coupons. Groupon is now more than for special occasions, now you can use it for every day.

5 comments on “Have you Heard of Groupon Coupon?

  1. Sweet! I had no idea that there were Groupon Coupons! I’ll be checking this out for sure 🙂 (of course, the closest Target is 90 miles away…maybe they have Safeway coupons 😉 ).

    • They also had amazon. 🙂 Even a free 6 months of prime. When we lived in NM the closest Target was 60 miles away. I understand what it is like. Maybe that is why I only go there occasionally. NM cured me of my addition.

  2. That’s good to know that you can search even while at the store. I have a Target gift card from Christmas and my eye on a couple of things there. I’ll look into it. Thanks!

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