Day 14 – TV Show Tapings

Since we live in LA we have had a few opportunities to do some fun things. I guess that is what inspired me to write about LA for 31 days. One of those fun things is go to a few TV show tapings.


Price Is Right

The first TV show we went to was The Price is Right. I loved watching The Price is Right on my lunch break when I was working in Ohio, but after going to the show I am less of a fan. Being a contestant is awesome, but being at the show is really a lot of work.


We got up early took our son to a friend’s house for the day, drove through some traffic and got in line for the show with our tickets. After we got in and waited with numbers. Then we filled out forms about not being on any other shows or knowing anyone who worked with CBS. We waited, we got interviewed, and waited. It seemed like things were moving pretty good until we got to the last corral. Their they took our phones and made us sit for a few hours while they got the seating chart and everything else ready for the show. We ate lunch and watched past tapings. Finally, it was time to go in.

It was really exciting and fun for about 30 mins of the show. Then I really wished I could have my water and was tired. It was fun, but it was a lot more work than I expected and I guess when you get to go behind the scenes sometimes the magic isn’t all that magical.


American Ninja Warrior

Next we got the opportunity to go to a taping of American Ninja Warrior. I know someone who works on the show so we got VIP tickets that made it a super cool experience. My parents happened to be in town the weekend the taping was happening so it was a great time for us to go. My sister (a huge fan of American Ninja Warrior) and Dad also got to go. My mom stayed home with my sleeping baby. They tape at night so once my little guy was asleep we headed down to San Pedro for the taping.


We had so much fun watching each athlete do the obstacle course. I really enjoy that part of American Ninja Warrior, the back stories not as much. So it was a fun event to watch everyone go through the obstacles. Some people did good, a lot of people fell right in front of us. My husband even was on TV when the episode aired.

It is fun to go see how TV shows are made. I think it would be interesting to see how a TV show, like Scorpion or SHIELD is made. It seems like with all the moving pieces it wouldn’t be as easy to follow while the taping is happening. My friend and I are still hoping we can go to Ellen before we leave LA. I think that would be fun and I have heard from friends who have gone that it is a fun show to do. I have also heard that a lot of people really enjoy going to see The Voice.

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  1. That is so cool! I knew about the Price is Right, but I don’t think I knew you went to American Ninja Warrior. I would love to go to a live taping some time. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

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