Day 6 – The Magic of Disneyland

The magic of Disneyland is is easy to see especially when you go with kids.

Did you think I would make it all 31 Days without talking about the magic of Disneyland? Probably not. If you follow me regularly you know of my love of Disney! So for the next 3 days we will focus on Disneyland.

Sometimes I forget how special of a place it is because living here in Southern California I get a chance to visit it way more than is healthy. Well except that it is healthy because I get so many steps when I go.


I feel as though Disneyland is something special because almost each time I go there is a sense of wonder and excitement. My 3-year-old knows some of the rides so well, but somehow he is still mesmerized by all of it. His favorite ride is Buzz Light Year’s Astro Blasters, which is probably one of my least favorites. And he claims to not like Pirates of the Caribbean and will scream through the line, but at the end of the ride he will say he loved it. Alas this is why we haven’t gone on it in a while. He does not like the drops, but loves the ride.


Beat the Heat

A few weeks ago when we went to Disneyland we decided to go on A Small World. We picked it because it was hot and who doesn’t love 20 minutes of A/C, but my son was so excited. He was bouncing up and down waiting to go on the ride. He pointed out all the characters he knew. And the way his face lit up made the whole trip that day worth it. It was a little hotter than we like, but still fun.

Did you think I would make it all 31 Days without talking about Disneyland? Probably not. If you follow me regularly you know of my love of Disney! So for the next 3 days we will focus on Disneyland.

Disneyland’s Characters

Another great thing about Disneyland is the different characters. Disney owns so many different companies they have a great assortment of characters to interact with. We have done character breakfast with Minnie and friends in Disneyland and one at the Paradise Pier hotel with Mickey. We have met Darth Vadar, Kilo Ren, Chewbacca and Boba Fett. We have had the opportunity to shake hands with Captain America and show off our web-slingers with Spider Man. And with every character we meet we leave with smiles and memories made. The joy or terror on the kids face makes it so much fun.


And I guess I should talk about the great parades and firework shows. During the 60th Anniversary Celebration we watched the fireworks and parade so many times I lost count. It doesn’t help that we also have it recorded so we can watch it from the comfort of our home as well. The new projections on main street and the castle made the nightly firework show more than just amazing. It was magic! The magic of Disneyland. I mean the castle actually moves at the end and Tinker Bell flies.

We are quickly approaching the 40-inch milestone for our oldest.  This means that soon he will be able to go on rides like Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain in Disneyland and even more rides in California Adventure, which I will talk about tomorrow.

Whatever you do on your Disney vacation you will find a sense of wonder and magic that Disney is known for. The characters make you feel special and your kids will have so much fun making memories. 

I have written a lot about the magic of Disneyland so hop over to my Travel Page if you are looking for things to do and tips with littles. And if you want to read about California Adventure check out Day 7’s post!

6 comments on “Day 6 – The Magic of Disneyland

  1. Amanda, thanks for stopping by my post today and leaving such an encouraging comment! I love your #write31days …we live in Central Florida, so Disney World is our favorite place to take our grandsons! Many blessings to you and your sweet family ❤️

  2. I am a little jealous of you being able to go often. I would love to visit one day. We have watched videos on YouTube and my five-year-old is in awe. My sister-in-law and her family have just visited and I tried to live vicariously through them. Maybe one day I can find a money tree!

    • It is a fun perk of where we live, but we will only be here two more years and then it will no longer be a regular occurrence. 🙂

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