Day 28 – A Day of Fun at SeaWorld

My husband is in the military and SeaWorld supports the US Military and has a great deal that each year he can get our whole family into SeaWorld for free. Last year, we took advantage of this deal and went to SeaWorld when we went to San Diego. We also went to the Zoo and Old Town San Diego.

A family fun vacation at SeaWorld. Learn and see the ocean life up close.

Since we did not have to pay the price of admission we decided to pay for the lunch with Shamu experience my friend suggested. It was a pretty neat experience and even though expensive something I would probably do again. I loved the fact that the Killer Whales were so close to us throughout the lunch. They jumped, swam and ate fish. The food was also good and it was a buffet so we were able to eat a lot of food. It would have been expensive to buy lunch anyways and we likely would not have gotten a lot of food so it was worth it to have the added experience.


The only bummer part about the trip was the fact our son is too short to ride roller coasters. My husband and I love roller coasters so we were bummed we couldn’t do that part of the park. Someday soon.


We did have fun checking out all the different exhibits and shows the park had to offer. We went to the park in early Spring and the crowds were pretty low. We were able to show up to shows right before they began and grab good seats. This made for a fun day because there was hardly any waiting.


We plan to go back to SeaWorld again with both the boys. I think the shows will be more interesting for an almost 4 year old and I know how much he loves fish and other ocean animals so it is something we need to do.



I found out recently that the month of October kids under 11 get into a number of attractions in San Diego for free. SeaWorld is on the list. It is crowded on weekends and holidays, but with free admission for the kids might be worth going anyways.

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