Day 25 – The Port of Los Angeles

My sister came to visit a few months ago and I don’t really know why we went to Long Beach, but we did on our way we ended up driving over the Port of Los Angeles which is in Long Beach and is pretty cool to look at. One of the cool things about the Port is seeing all the containers and huge amount of land it takes up. But the best part is the bridges that take you over the Port.

The port of los angeles is how so many products come to the US, it is fun to explore and drive/run over the bridges.

I love that my sister is an easy traveler. She sees something and that is enough for her. She loved driving over the Vincent Thomas bridge. We had a successful trip to Long Beach even though we really didn’t do anything, but we did see the Queen Mary across the bay.


After driving over the Vincent Thomas Bridge with my sister I thought it was a pretty cool spot. So when my friend asked me if I wanted to do a race running over the bridge I couldn’t’ say no. The annual run is known as the Conquer the Bridge race and is about 5 miles long. It is a pretty steep climb to the top of the Bridge, but worth the effort because it is a cool view.


My friend and I had a lot of fun running together. I will say that I hope my friend had fun running with me because I might be a little quicker than her. And when she asked me if I was dying I politely said no. Anyways, we are still friends so it must have been at least a little fun. We stopped along the way to take pictures and enjoy the view. It was a cool race because the location was neat, I mean almost as good as Disneyland.


Another neat thing about the race that I didn’t know is that it coincides with Fleet Week in San Pedro. The USS Iowa is located in San Pedro and was where the filming for American Ninja Warrior took place. Had I known Fleet Week was taking place the same weekend I might have went back later with my family. Something to plan for next year.

Even if we don’t make it to Fleet Week. We do hope to go to the USS Iowa for a tour before we leave LA. The USS Iowa was commissioned in 1943. It took part in every major military conflict from World War II until the post-Cold War period. It was decommissioned in 1990. This historic vessel is now a museum operated by the Pacific Battleship Center.

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