Day 8 – Running Disney Style

I love running Disney races and here is why…

run disney

A few years ago I did a health and fitness group with a goal of running 6 miles. I trained and then on the day of the event I ran on the beach and had so much fun. It was then that I got a crazy idea in my head. I should run a half marathon. And since I live in Southern California why not do a half marathon at Disneyland? And why not do it with friends?

run disney

A seed was planted and now not only have I done one Run Disney half marathon, I have done two. Considering I had a baby last December and have done two half marathons since September. I think I might have a problem. So if you did the math or maybe missed it, I was 6 or so months pregnant with Jacob for half number one and 5 months postpartum for number 2. Oh and don’t worry there is still more running coming. In January, I am doing the Light Side Challenge (10k and half) in January and another half in next November at Walt Disney World.

Love Running

I have always had a love for running, but I have only done one half marathon before deciding to do a Run Disney half. And I hated it. I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea and how it all started, but here I am addicted to Disney races and the shiny medals they give you at the end of running 13.1 miles. But there is more to it than that.

I love running Disney races because you get to run through the park and if you are faster and in one of the early corrals you run with very few people around you. In the back, where I did my first you have wall to wall people.

run disney

Races Go Smoothly

Disneyland does things right and running a half marathon event is no exception. They have everything organized when it comes to set up and they start right on time. While you are running through the park they have people taking photos, character stops and other people cheering you on. On my last half I stopped at mile 4 to take a picture because no one was in line. My husband is doing the 10k part of the Light Side challenge with me. We plan to stop a lot to take pictures with the different Star Wars characters. I’m pretty excited about doing this event with him. And trying to forget that the next day I have to run 13 miles.


If you love to run and have a love for Disney, then you should definitely sign up for a Run Disney race. Pick your theme, pick your park and have a great vacation and race. They have distances as short as 5k and as long as a full marathon (Disney World).

Check out a few of my posts from the races I have done to learn more about the events. And if you want to read about my other Disney post from the series see Day 6- Disneyland and Day 7 – California Adventure.

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    • It does look pretty cool through blog posts and facebook updates, but there is a lot of hard work and some hard moments, but overall I am really blessed.

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