Day 15 – Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood

My dad seems to be a better LA tourist than I am. Maybe it is because I live here and I have gotten lazy or maybe it is because I have two little ones under foot that I don’t have time to plan. But my dad is the person who told me about going to Pink’s along with the Venice Canals I wrote about a few days ago.

Another one for the LA bucket list. Check out Pink's Hot Dogs in Hollywood.

Anyways, back to Pink’s. How did a hot dog stand become a hot tourist attraction in Hollywood?

Pink’s is pretty much the ultimate hot dog stand at least it started out that way. It all started with the Pinks selling hot dogs from a cart at La Brea and Melrose in 1939. People fell in love with the tasty chili dogs and friendly service. Pink’s is known for its hot dogs, but it also has a great atmosphere and there is always a line, especially late at night.


Somehow we ended up at Pink’s at around 1:30 on a Tuesday. We had a few mis-communications on where exactly we were going since I didn’t know that they had expanded and had one at the airport and then there was an accident where a fire truck blocked the road we were on. So needless to say it took a little bit of an effort, but we made it.


We were able to get a parking spot in the lot, which is valet. I didn’t think there would be anyone there and we would avoid the crowds. And I guess in a way we did avoid the crowds because we only waited in line about 15 minutes. My friend told me after the clubs get out, the line can be as long as an hour wait.


They had a bunch of different hot dogs to choose from. So while we waited in line we picked out what we wanted to have. I think we just stuck with the original chili dog so we could see what all the fuss was about. There was indoor and outdoor seating. It was a nice day when we went so we sat outside, enjoying our hot dogs. They were yummy and worth the adventure.


After we finished eating we took some pictures in the cutouts. This is actually still on my bucket list of things to do because my husband was working and didn’t get to go on this adventure. I think it would be fun to go back as a family. I am hoping we can do a stay-cation in the next two years so we can check this off the list.

Is there anywhere else in LA that you  think we have to eat at?

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