How to Spend a Day in Palm Springs

We went to Palm Springs this past week and I was really excited about the Dinosaur Museum in Carbazon, because I love dinosaurs. But after returning home I decided to share about my favorite day of the trip when we went to Palm Springs instead. Here is my quick tips to having a great day in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Tram

Palm Springs Tram

We were debating on if it was worth it to ride up the Palm Springs Tram because it was kind of on the expensive side. Add to the fact, we have done two trams before (New Mexico and Canada). I almost felt like we had been there and done that. In the end we did go and check it off our bucket list. I am so glad we did. I wish we had been more prepared because we could have stayed at the top even longer. As it was we stayed at the top for a few hours. Had fun exploring, checking out the view and ate lunch before riding back down.

The ride up was kind of crazy. I didn’t realize the tram would not only be moving at what felt like a really high speed up the mountain, but also would be rotating 360 on our way up. It was also a lot bigger tram car than I expected. We were crammed in pretty tight. My son was next to the window and was able to see so much, I’m still jealous. The other crazy part of the journey is that when the tram when past each tower the tram rocked as it continued its journey up. By the time we reached the top I was ready to be off the tram and breathe in the cool mountain air.

The View

When we got to the top we put on our sweatshirts before heading outside to enjoy the view. It was cool (57 degrees F), but not really cold enough for sweatshirts. After about 20-30 minutes of running around outside we all adjusted to the cooler weather and took off our sweatshirts. The view was breathtaking and there was a lot of different spots to enjoy the view. We had fun walking around, taking pictures and watching the kids use their imaginations and have fun.

More To Do

After we took in the view we decided to check out the hiking on the other side of the mountain. We hiked down to the hiking path. We had two three years olds and two toddlers. The three year olds were ready to do the whole hike (.75 mile loop) while the adults knew that the climb would require all four of us to hold at least one child the whole way or partially up the steep climb. We walked a small section of the hike and then turned around. If we had packed our lunches (which I recommend) we could have hiked out a bit and then sat down and had lunch. Since we only had a few snacks we turned around early and headed back to the main station. We did get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the kids had fun collecting rocks, sticks and pinecones.

Next we had lunch in the cafe at the top of the mountain. There is a restaurant or a cafeteria style window to get food. We chose the quick pick up window and got a tasty meal. I was surprised how good the food was and was happy to have such a yummy meal without the wait required in the restaurant.

Finally it was time to head back down. We waited in the waiting area and headed back down. I was a little worried I wasn’t going to feel 100% on the way back down, but all the fresh air had made me feel so good that the trip down really wasn’t bad.

Great Shakes

When we got to the bottom I quickly searched for an ice cream shop in Palm Springs. After a hike and fun I was ready for a treat. The place recommend from a quick search was Great Shakes. We headed into downtown Palm Springs. If we didn’t have children we would have spent more time walking the palm tree lined streets widow shopping and checking out the historic area. The milk shakes were amazing and I highly recommend taking the time to see the historic section of Palm Springs.

After our shake and a little bit of window shopping it was time to head back to our hotel in Palm Desert, the Marriott. We enjoyed staying at the Marriott because of all the great pools and activities. It is a great place for families to stay when visiting the Palm Springs area.

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