Day 12 – A must do: The Hollywood Bowl

If you live in LA you probably know about the Hollywood Bowl and if you don’t you need to. My husband and I recently attended a concert, John Williams, at the Hollywood Bowl. And I mainly said yes to the excursion because my husband loves Star Wars and music so you really can’t miss a show that includes one of the best composers and Star Wars, but we were in for more than we expected. And I loved every minute of it, except when I realized it was 10:30. ☺

A great place to see a concert, the Hollywood Bowl. Learn about where to park and how to get to the bowl.

The first half of the show was composed by David Newman. The theme was a salute to 100 years of Paramount. It was fun to listen to the different music and my favorite part was when they showed the first ten minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness while the orchestra played the music. The second half was John Williams, which of course included Star Wars, but also included ET, Harry Potter, Forest Gump and a few other films. The time went by so quickly and soon it was time to head home.


The History of the Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl has been a California landmark for almost 100 years. It was chosen as the site because it was a natural amphitheater, a shaded canyon and popular picnic spot. It was officially opened on July 11, 1922. Originally the Bowl used the natural acoustics with make-shift benches and a simple awning. People wanted the Bowl to hold more people and be more permanent so in 1926 a new design was created and in 1936 a record number of  26,410 people came to hear opera singer Lily Pons sing.

There have been highs and lows on the acoustics with the permanent structure and finally in 2003 a permanent upgrade began. Today the Bowl holds and has some of the best acoustics in the world. It is a great experience for any concert event and a must do on the LA bucket list.



After we purchased tickets we worried about how to get to the Bowl. There is limited parking in Hollywood and if you do find parking it is likely expensive. So, we asked around. We found out from a few locals the best way to go is to take a bus. A bus seems a little scary and for me. I wasn’t really sure this was the best option, but I trusted my friends.

And yes, the bus is the best way to go. For one thing is a special bus that takes you from the pick-up location (there are various locations around LA). The bus drops you off at the entrance. To leave we just headed right to the spot they tell you to go. Hop on a bus and in less than 5 minutes you are on your way home. The buses line up right by the freeway, so there is no traffic and you are on your way fast.

We Can’t Wait to Go Back

We loved our trip to the Hollywood Bowl so much we are going back. This time to see a live orchestra perform the music while we watch Nightmare Before Christmas. We read a few reviews online about the event and are pretty excited and as an added bonus we are bringing the boys. The event isn’t happening until the 30th so it will be a bonus blog post after 31 days is done.

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