Glen Ivy Hot Springs

The first girls trip, you know the one where we ended up in Newport, was supposed to be at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. There was a pipe that burst less than 24 hours before we were supposed to leave so we had to cancel our plans, but we didn’t cancel our weekend of fun. I’m still impressed that the trip happened. We were not about to let our husbands who graciously watched our kids to have a reason to not watch them. We were getting our girls day.


So when my friends planned another trip to Glen Ivy, I was a little worried chaos might ensue. But this time we were lucky, the weather was perfect and no pipes burst. My friends and I had a great girl’s day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs.

We met early at a friend’s house, loaded up the car and hit the road. We got to the Hot Springs about 15 minutes before they opened and got in line with all the other people (99% women) in line. When we finally got through the gate and paid we found a spot for everyone to sit at. And started to relax. Some people read books, others laid out and others hit the pool. We all enjoyed the time without children.

A few hours after we got there, there was a water aerobics class. My friends and I joined in the class and had fun jumping around and looking silly (fortunately it was mostly under water) through the class. After the class was over it was close to lunchtime so we got food at the café located on the grounds. The food was amazing. I shared a nacho with a friend and it was huge and we ate all of it, without issue. My mouth is watering right now thinking about it.


After lunch it was time for more relaxing and then a mud bath. The first step to the mud bath is to sit in the hot springs so that it can release all the chemicals and what not. The hot springs really smell so it was not really that fun. It was nice to sit in the water and relax, but not quite what I expected. Next we headed over to the mud bath. We hopped in and started getting mud all over. We helped each other get our backs and other spots. It was really fun and pretty silly.


glen ivy mud bath

After we were covered in mud we took pictures and then rinsed off. After we finished our mud bath it was time to go to the Grotto. We had booked an appointment for the Grotto before we arrived. On busy days almost all the appointments at Glen Ivy are filled so if you plan a trip make sure you book an appointment in advance. The grotto was fun. First they put a bunch of lotion all over you and you rub it in. Then you go to a hot room and rub in the lotion after you have been in the room long enough (you decide when you want to move on) you rinse the lotion off. Finally, you go into a cold room where they have tea, water and apples.

glen ivy hot springs a great time to spend the day with the girls.

It was so relaxing and a must do if you go to Glen Ivy Hot Springs.

When it was time to head home we used the locker rooms to take showers and freshen up. We stopped for dinner on our way home and then the day was over. It was such a great girls trip and so much fun.

I really hope that this bucket list item gets an extra check mark. I really had so much fun and highly recommend a day at Glen Ivy to anyone looking for a relaxing day.

Today is day 18 of my 31 Days in Southern California, check out the whole series here!

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    • It was a great day, but since we were both pregnant when we were trying to go it wouldn’t have been as much fun. Maybe in the future.

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