Day 29: Fun Parks in the South Bay

What do people do on a regular basis who live in the South Bay with young children do? We go to the South Bay parks on a regular basis. 99% of the time the weather is perfect. Sometimes we have had a little bit of a worry that rain might come and mess up a planned play date, but luckily the rain hasn’t spoiled any planned playdates.

We love the weather and spend so many days at the parks in the South Bay. This is Veterans Park.

Here is a list of my favorite South Bay parks.

Redondo Beach:

Veterans ParkEvery Thursday the parking lot at Veteran’s Park becomes a Farmers Market from 9-1. The parking is free and there are a number of yummy of treats to eat and sample. The park has a small playground with a slide and swings. It also has a lot of open grass to run on. I often run on the beach before the meeting up with friends. And you can’t beat the location as it has a great view of the ocean.

Anderson Park: This park is not located by the beach, but still a popular place to hang out. My favorite part about this park is the fact there is a small gated playground for littles and there is a larger playground for bigs. It is also has a lot of open space for kids to run around. It is a great place for a picnic or a small group event. There are tennis courts that on week days are often empty and are a great gated area to let the kids run around.

Hermosa Beach:

South Park: This park was recently remodeled. It has a huge concrete slide that kids love to slide down. It also has two small sand pits that can have water come out of them. My son loves this feature and it is often where I find him when we go to the park. They also have a few other`fun activities to make for a fun day. And what park isn’t a good one if there isn’t a wide open area to run around and play.


McMasters: This park is located next to the Torrance Library. On Tuesdays the Torrance Library does story time and lunch for the kids. The park is a great place to spend some time with little kids. I would recommend it for kids up to age four, but I also know kids a little older than that can have fun too. It is a small park with a gate around most of it. There is a huge field next to the park that is completely fenced in.

Wilson: The Torrance Farmers Market is held at Wilson Park on Tuesdays and Saturday. This park is great for spending a morning at the farmers market and then heading over to a field or play ground to eat. You can also run or walk the loop around the park. There are a number of baseball fields and if you want to use the large seating area you need to make reservations with the City of Torrance.

These are some of my favorite parks in the South Bay. What did I miss?

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