Day 7 – Why I love California Adventure

Disneyland is pretty awesome, but if you ask me which park I prefer I would say California Adventure. Here are the reasons why.California Adventure is so much fun and has some of my favorite rides

Less Crowded
I’m not sure if it because more people want to go to Disneyland or if there is just more space in California Adventure, but even on busy days it feels easier to weave through the people and lines are often shorter in California Adventure. There are a few rides, like Cars or Midway Mania, that always have a long line, but often times on less crowded days you can ride California Screaming in less than 10 minutes.

California Adventure is so much fun and has some of my favorite rides

Kid Friendly

I know Disneyland is a great park because it is made for big and little kids, but Bugs Land and so many of the rides or attractions in California Adventure are great for kids. One of my favorite things to do with my boys is go to the Redwood Challenge Trail and let the kids run around. They seem to have so much fun running around checking out the various obstacles and going down the slides. My son also loves Midway Mania (Toy Story) and I do too. It is a fun interactive ride that is great for all ages.

California Adventure is so much fun and has some of my favorite rides

Nod to California

If you have traveled around California, you will see special nods to different California landmarks throughout the park. The wharf is similar to San Francisco and Monterey, with the Boardwalk reminding you of the boardwalks of past history and the few that still exist today. The Redwood Challenge Trail reminds you of the mountains of California. While the Grand California Hotel has an eerier reminder of a hotel located in Yosemite Valley. And Hollywood has shows and the feel you come to expect in Hollywood today. All these special touches are well done and look great for the park and if you know the sites they make you smile.

California Adventure is so much fun and has some of my favorite rides

Cars Land

One of the best parts of California Adventure is just walking down the street that makes up Cars Land. It just feels like you are in Radiators Springs and has such a beautiful feeling. If you are lucky enough to visit at night the atmosphere is amplified. It also has 3 great rides. Matar’s Junkyard, Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadstersand the Cars ride.

No matter what you do in California Adventure you are sure to have a great time.  What is your favorite thing to do?

This post is part of my 31 Days in Southern California, see all of the days here.

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    • I think you would too. Your whole family would have fun. My husband is the photographer. It is working out great for this series.

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