Day 27 – A Day of Fun at the San Diego Zoo

The first time I went to the San Diego Zoo I was 7 years old.

The San Diego Zoo is a great place to see so many different animals and have a fun family day.

From that trip I remember seeing a koala (my favorite animal at the time) and going on a tour bus that we had to wait in line for. I remember being a little underwhelmed about the koala, all he did was sleep.


So when we went back koalas were not really high on my list as a must see. Somehow we ended up at the koala exhibit first and guess what? They were not sleeping. Well some of them were, but there were two that were active and not just awake and eating, but moving around. The little girl inside of me was so excited.


We had a lot of fun exploring the zoo when we went there as a family of 3. So many of the animals were active and moving. My son spent a lot of time watching the rattlesnakes. They have a pretty neat exhibit where they are really close, just separated by a pane of glass. They were moving all around the exhibit and he had fun watching them.


We also went on the bus tour I remember from my first visit. It wasn’t busy so the line was pretty short. The bus takes you on a tour around the park. If I did it again, I would do the bus tour first. It kind of gives you an idea of where everything is in the park. The map does that too, but if you don’t have a particular must do it gives you a good quick view of everything and can help you plan your day.

If I was going to recommend an exhibit not to miss it would be the polar bear exhibit. We happened to show up at feeding time so the bears were very active and one was standing the pool grabbing lettuce and other veggies to munch on. Because of the way the exhibit is set up you can see right into the water. It was pretty neat to be that close to a polar bear.


Another fun exhibit was the hippo tank. The hippo was very pregnant so she was very active. She continually did laps in her pool. My son would wait for her to come to the side we were on and then run beside her as she made her laps. He also enjoyed checking out the fish that were also located in the exhibit.

The San Diego Zoo is one of the best zoos in the country and I highly recommend it be on your to do list if you come to Southern California.

What Zoo do you live close to? What is your favorite part?

This is Day 28 in my 31 Days in Southern California you can read all the days here.

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