Day 24 – Dodgers Stadium

One of the fun things on our bucket list that we were able to do this past year is go to Dodgers Stadium. My husband is not a big baseball fan so I am thankful he amused me and took me to the stadium. His boss was honored as the military hero so it was the perfect opportunity to go and see the stadium while supporting him.


Since we are in the military and have lived and traveled across the country I have had the chance to see a number of stadiums. My favorite stadium is the Giants stadium. I may have a slight bias since that is my favorite team, but I love how even though it is big it feels small. Another thing that is great is the location. I have also really enjoyed St. Louis, Cincinaiti, Boston (Fenway) and Pittsburgh. These stadiums all had a great location and a good size. I have also been to Cleveland and that stadium wasn’t full and so it felt really big.


I’ll try to keep my bias against the Giants to tell you about Dodgers Stadium. I didn’t like it as much as the Giants Stadium. It didn’t help that they stuck us out the third base line right by the foul pole. The seats were low and the foul pole blocked my view. I also didn’t like how it was so big and all the seats were not full. There was a big crowd in attendance, which made for a fun experience, but overall it wasn’t full.


My favorite part of going to the game was getting to take my boys to a baseball game. My older son brought his baseball glove and had fun watching the warm-ups and the first few innings. We also got a first visit to Dodgers Stadium certificate for both boys. My husband really enjoyed this because he had them on display when my parents came to visit.

Overall it was a fun trip. I’m glad we did it. I hope we have an opportunity to check out the Anaheim Angels Stadium before we move.

This is Day 24 of 31 Days in Southern California check out the full series here.

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