Day 13 – Explore Hollywood

It is always fun to drive down to Hollywood when friends come to visit.


When we go we always have fun. We have yet to do a tour and with the kids being so little probably won’t do one, but I have heard they are fun.


The first time we went to Hollywood was when we got married. Back in 2007. I was going to share a pictures, but they were really bad. We came to LA for a week to be tourists and stayed in Hollywood for a few nights. As a new couple we hit some of the tourist spots like Universal Studios and drove around town. We haven’t been back to Universal Studios yet, but it is on the bucket list of things to do. Eventually, we spent a day on Hollywood Blvd. We walked down the street and saw the stars on the sidewalk. We actually saw Samuel Jackson and Halle Berry.



Besides looking at the Stars, window shopping and taking pictures with the Hollywood sign, you can also see a movie in the El Capitan Theater. On our honeymoon we did that. It was fun. We saw Meet the Robinsons. I’m pretty sure we saw whatever movie was playing. Not because we actually wanted to see that particular movie. It is fun to watch a movie in the theater and even though I had no idea what the significance of the theater was I happy to go see a movie with my husband.


The China Theater is also close by. There you can see all the famous people who have their hands and feet (shoes mainly) saved in concrete along with their signature. It is fun to see the different people that have signed. Some I knew, some I had never heard of. Dolby Digital Theater is also located there. It would be so fun, but also probably crazy to go to an awards show or a movie premier in Hollywood.

Rodeo Drive

Since moving to LA we have gone to Hollywood one time. When my sister came to visit she wanted to go. We had a fun day and we were close to doing a tour, but with our little guy it didn’t work out. She wanted to drive down Rodeo Drive so we did that on our way home. It was a quick fun adventure.

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