Day 11 – Venice Beach and Canals

I never really thought about how Venice Beach got its name until I found out that there are canals near Venice Beach. The Venice Canals. And apparently they are the only ones that survived and there used to be more.

Find a hidden gem near Venice Beach. Check out the Venice Canals. A fun tourist spot in LA.

The Venice Canals are located in the historic district. They were built by developer Abbott Kinney in 1905 as part of his Venice of America. The canals were almost lost forever as cars came into popularity and the canals were seen as old and outdated. Many were filled and the few remaining were in disrepair. Finally, in 1992 they were renovated. Now the canals a desirable and expensive residential section.


Venice Canals

Once I learned about the canals I really wanted to make a family trip to go see them. When my sister came to town one weekend it seemed like a good time to go exploring. We were lucky and found an open parking spot in one of the neighborhoods. So we gave up on looking for the cheap parking we had heard about. We hopped out and walked around the canals for about 30 minutes. Looking at all the different houses right up on the water and crossing bridges.


Muscle Beach

We slowly made our way down to the beach and then walked along the sand and pop up shops and restaurants until we came to Muscle Beach. I had heard of Muscle Beach, but thought it was a place in the past and just a historic landmark. So I was surprised to see a full gym right at the beach and multiple people working out. We had fun people watching and taking silly pictures.


Tito’s Tacos

After exploring a bit, we spent some time walking in the sand and watching the waves before meandering back to our car. We hit up Tito Tacos, which is relatively close located in Culver City. Just writing about Tito’s Tacos makes me want to drive down the 405 and pick some up. I don’t know why they are so good, but they are just a yummy treat. We first discovered them while waiting for my husband’s mountain bike to be repaired. There is always a line and it isn’t hard to see why.  

3 comments on “Day 11 – Venice Beach and Canals

  1. I think one of your pics is the bridge Scott and I got engaged on 🙂 Our apartment was two blocks away when we got married. I miss Venice so much!

    • I guess I know why you were at tito’s tacos before you moved. I love that you have such a special memory there.

  2. I love how you guys are so active and get out to explore. It’s so fun. I love the Venice Canals. My aunt and uncle live very close to there. They are in the entertainment industry so they are in the heart of LA.

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