My Baby Is Disappearing So Fast

Where is my baby going? It is going by so fast.

It seems like time is slipping by. Just as sand slips through your fingers. Where is my baby going? I can’t stop it, but am trying to savor every moment. Even when it means getting up in the middle of the night. Some days I look over at his older brother and can’t imagine that one day this little guy will be big like him.

Yesterday my 3-year-old fell asleep in the car. And when I got him out he just wanted to snuggle with me until after a few minutes he woke up and ran off my lap and was ready to play. My mom was here to watch the little guy so I just held on and tried to savor the big little boy wrapped up in my arms.


It is going by so fast and slow.

Some days are so slow it is like I am tripping over them. Then I turn around and the little toddler is gone and a little boy now runs around my house. My infant is disappearing and being replaced by a toddler.

Where is my baby going?

It is so strange how one baby is so different than the other. I don’t really know how different the personalities of my two little guys are. In my mind I remember my oldest as a laid back little boy who was hard because I was struggling to be a mom and the reality of life not fitting into the box I expected. This time with a very mellow boy I feel as though I can actually embrace my easy baby.

Where is my baby going? It is going by so fast.

My Baby Still Needs Me
He still doesn’t fit the mold and will often only take a long nap if he is snuggled up next to me, but this time I’m better at lying down. I’m better at putting my to do list aside.

Really a clean house is the main chore that doesn’t get done and somehow we manage. Eventually, I get around to cleaning, just so it can get all dirty again. So maybe I don’t have time to clean all the windows every week or maybe even longer, but somehow I get the floors and bathrooms cleaned and I guess that is enough.

I remember when I read parenting books when my first guy came around a veteran mom had talked about when her son stopped waking up at night. She mentioned how she almost missed it. I thought this lady was crazy and now as the number of wakings is starting to dwindle and a hopeful mom sees the possibility of sleeping through the night in the possible horizon I almost (I said almost) am sad.

This is my last baby. At least that is the plan for now and as much as I don’t like getting up each night, I don’t know how it all went by so fast.

How did he go from floppy to a little boy who can stand holding on to my two fingers. This past week he has started waving and clapping. His personality is starting to come out behind the newborn fog of eating, sleeping, pooping and whatever else babies do that is so adorable you can’t stop looking at them and holding them tight.

Where is my baby going? It is going by so fast.

Where is my baby going?
I can’t believe how fast it is going and I am excited and scared at the same time. My baby isn’t going to be a baby much longer. I am trying to soak up all these precious moments before they are gone for good. I can’t believe how much I have changed between my boys.

I couldn’t wait for the baby stage to be over with my oldest, now I don’t want it to end. But it will. My boys will grow up and there isn’t anything I can do to change that. So I have to choose to love them each day.

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  1. Ooooh, these pictures are so precious! I LOVE the one with the stuffed animals. How did I not know that you were done having babies 🙁 I understand though because we are in the same boat. That definitely heightens the emotions.

    • My husband really only wants two and with the military we will move about the time it would be ice to have a third and moving pregnant or with a very young infant sounds unappealing. I sometimes want another one, but I don’t see that happening unless God intervene. 🙂

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