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Doing Good Is Simple

A few years back a blogger I follow, Lisa Jo Baker, shared about her dream to build a community center and garden in South Africa. I was inspired by her story so I donated. And with the help of hundreds of moms and women just like me we were able to fund a community center in South Africa. But the story doesn’t end there. After the community center was built there was a call to continue the relationship that had started to help fund and expand the community center. I signed up to be part of the $10 tribe. A group of 149 people donate approximately $10 a month and provide support to this community in South Africa.

Do you know what $10 can do? The latest update said we helped provide nearly 3,000 meals, 40 children are attending preschool, over 300 children come to the after-school programs where adults are available to supervise the children, help them with their homework, and be a positive presence in their lives. And this doesn’t include the stories from the people in the community who talk of their love for the Center and how it is changing their lives. All with just a few people giving $10 a month. Doing good is simple. 

Doing Good Is Simple
So when the organizer of Help One Now sent out a call to ask people if they were interested in helping launch his book Doing Good Is Simple, I jumped at the opportunity and jumped up and down when I was selected to participate. I waited patiently for my book to arrive and when it did I was so excited to read it, but a little nervous too. If doing good is simple and now I am aware of the hurt and suffering going on around the world I can no longer sit ignorantly on the sidelines. But I dove in anyway and started to read the book.

This book has been such an encouragement to me. I have come to realize doing good really is simple and you don’t even have to go on a mission trip or write a check to do it. It starts right here in your community.

I am a member of my church’s MOPS organization. And I am lucky enough to be part of the leadership team. Our MOPS group is almost full to capacity. Somehow a welcome environment of love and encouragement has been created in one of the most unlikely places, Manhattan Beach, CA. The more I look at our group I realize the reason people are drawn to us is because somehow we are able to show God’s love and meet people right where they are. Moms come into our group, broken, lonely and tired. We just love them and come beside them in their journey and that draws them in and they want more.

When the author, Chris, talks about meeting people at their level whether it is needing clean drinking water, medicine or food for their family or maybe just a listening ear to say ‘me too’. We can show the love of God by meeting people in their struggle and helping find a solution. Preaching at them will just turn them away, but loving them and helping them will draw them in.

So I’m taking Chris’s advice and joining in on the dance party. I’m trying to find ways to help the moms in my community and also dipping my toe into the international arena. What can you do right where you are? For me it was starting with the #tendollartribe. It has been more of a blessing than I could have ever imagined. This book will inspire you to get involved and join the dance party too, because doing good is simple.


I’m excited that I am giving away 2 copies of Doing Good Is Simple. Comment below to be entered. You can also head over to Instagram and like the picture, follow me and tag a friend.  Give Away ends August 12th. 

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  1. I could really use this book to read to give me a step in the right direction. Your excitement might be contagious, and I could use that right now.

    • While waiting for my book everyone was talking about how good it was. It really is so much good information and encouraging.

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