MOPS Mom’s Night Out

Last year I teamed up with a friend to run the extra events for our Mothers of Preschoolers, group often referred to as MOPS. We held a number of park play dates with three special park play dates which included an ice cream social kick off, an Easter egg hunt and with Popsicle in the park as our final event of the year. Park play dates were at various parks with my favorite being the local farmer’s market/park/beach. What a winning combination.


We also did monthly Mom’s Night Out events. I would say the most popular one was when we helped moms prep 5 or 10 freezer meals. There was a lot of planning and coordination to prepare the freezer meal event, but it was a fun one and enjoyed by all who attended.


My favorite Mom’s Night Out was the idea of my counterpart and in a way wasn’t really a Mom’s Night Out, but our kids were distracted and we got to talk so it was a winning combination. She suggested we do a Mom’s Night Out where the kiddos would watch a movie, while the moms chatted in the background.

This event was total chaos, but I think everyone who attended had a lot of fun. It was great for both kids and moms. We did a potluck style dinner for the moms and had pizza ordered for the kids. Many of the kids showed up in jammies with pillows and blankets ready to watch Inside Out.

The event was held at our church and ended up being in a room that had a few distractions (fuss-ball table, air hockey and more) so I’m not sure any of the kids watched the movie, but they were all contained and got to run around have fun and eat pizza and popcorn. Moms were able to sit around tables and talk to other moms.

Another Mom’s Night Out we held was a painting night with Paint and Pour. This was my final product.


We started with a blank canvas and in the end everyone brought home a unique painting. We once again did potluck style and MOPS provided some non-alcoholic beverages.

A few other Mom’s Night Out we held are listed below. If you want to know anything about any of the events let me know. Either comment or email me and I can give you all the details.

Book exchange (Mom’s Morning In)

Bunko (Mom’s Night Out)

Sweetheart Bunko (MOPS and POPS)

Parents Night Out 


Karaoke and Sushi (Mom’s Night Out)


Strawberry Picking at Tanaka Farms (Family Event)


Harvest Festival at Tanaka Farms (Family Event)

Sleepy Hollow Christmas Lights Walk (Family Event)

Movie Night (War Room) (Mom’s Night Out)

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