God Writes Your Friendships


I think Satan might have thought part of this week he was winning in knocking me down and defeating me, but today here I sit amazed at how God is tying everything together and instead of feeling alone and defeated I am realizing how much love I have in my life and it is all from the friendships I have. As I drove to church I was almost in tears about a life situation and then I went to Bible study.

Bible study to me has always meant reading a book, learning more about God and praying for other people. I got to dip my toe into how much better life could be with a study group who did life together when we were in New Mexico and although that was very special group we were at different life stages and I was a very different person. Then on to Ohio where we found a great group and had great friends, but it wasn’t a total connection and I still felt very much alone. When we moved to California I was just beginning to learn and yearn for more of God. We prayed for our house and church and I wasn’t really expecting anything more than what we had in Ohio because that was good and I didn’t think it could be better. But I was in for a total surprise.


We looked at one house and put in an application and were lucky enough to be selected to be the renters and recently got our lease extended for the rest of our stay in LA. We found a church and it seemed too easy so I kept searching and was continually pointed back to where we started. And then I met a girl at the YMCA who invited me to her Bible Study which was full of other young moms just like me.

I was quickly sucked into their community they had created and latched on to the new friends and friendships I had been given. We went on a girls getaway in March and had an amazing time even with some obstacles thrown in our way, less than 2 weeks later one of the girls in our group had a family tragedy turned miracle and to watch the church and our group rally around this family was amazing. And it just drew us closer and stronger.


Now I sit among an amazing gift. When Paul talks about the early church and how they take care of each other and love each other, I always looked at it as something that was in the past and couldn’t happen today, but our little community has somehow found a magic key given to us by God to replicate this and everyone wants in. Our Bible study is full and we are looking for ways to expand, which is why God led me to decide to take a leap and lead my own study next year. It is truly amazing.

I sat through Bible study today, listening to God, listening to true friends and just soaking up the goodness sitting right in front of me. I have seen what true love, genuine love looks like and it is amazing. What a gift, what a blessing. The last two days have been a whirlwind of crazy, but I can only look toward the good and love God showed me. When I was hurting and asking Him how I could move forward, how could I go on. He showed me over and over again, how loved I am.

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  1. This is so encouraging. We are considering finding a local church closer to our home for this very reason. Thanks for the reminder that God is orchestrating things on our behalf.

    • He truly is. I love God’s timing that you could read this at a time that you need it. Every time we move we always look for a church. It wasn’t a priority at our first assignment, but in the end was a huge blessing and now I feel so blessed to have made the friends we have.
      Have you done MOPS? I know you have olders and youngers, but it might be something you could enjoy.

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