And Now He is 3

and now he is 3

We had a small dinner with friends for Luke’s 3rd birthday. The original plan was to not do anything, but then I thought I could just invite a few friends and it is funny when you invite a few friends in your 20s it only adds up to a handful of couples. A few friends in your 30s is a few couples and what seems like a hundred children, okay maybe just about 20. Either way, it was a fun event, a lot of chaos, but overall a good time and I quickly realized even though we don’t have family close by there are a lot of people who live in my neighborhood who love my boys.

and now he is 3

Our little tribe mainly derived from Bible study has formed our own community and we love each other along with each other’s children. We love to celebrate milestones like birthdays and anniversaries along with more important things like kids sleeping through the night or being potty trained.

and now he is 3

It was really hard to only invite a handful of friends to celebrate with us. I really wanted to invite everyone, so instead I opted for Luke to make the guest list, which trimmed down the list and made for a fun night with so many of his friends.

and now he is 3 And Now He is 3

I forced myself not to decorate, I spent a good amount of time being inspired, but knew it would be a lot of work and might not turn out quite like I hoped. I did make the cake, which was an adventure in itself. The blue didn’t seem as blue and the frosting looked more pink than red, but in the end with sprinkles and “black webs” as Luke requested, it actually turned out pretty good and more importantly tasted great.  So besides a table cloth, cake and plates with a Spider-man theme it just seemed like a normal birthday party.

and now he is 3

The kids were able to run around and play. The boys with their high energy and love for things that moved and the pool noodle light sabers were a hit. The girls were a bit overwhelmed by the noise and chaos, but soon found chalk and the play house.
And then almost as quickly as the guests arrived people gathered up their families and headed home. It was a fun celebration for Luke and reminded me how much we are loved.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I remember those days. I noticed the flip track in the first picture. That track was the best toy we ever bought our son

    • My friend gave it to me after her boys out grew it. My husband was really excited when I brought it home. Oh and those same boys who outgrew it were at the party and were playing with it yet again. Thanks for commenting and reading. 🙂

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