Kids Really Do Grow Up

It is amazing how quickly your children grow up. Kids really do grow up. Today while at an Easter Egg hunt I was reminded how quickly another year had passed. Last year my son needed me to help him with the egg hunt and the year before that he was sitting in the grass and not interested in eggs at all. This year he was ready. He knew what to do so off he ran to pick up eggs and before I knew it he had a basket full.

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It is times like this where you wonder how could it be that another year has gone by so quickly and can sit back and see how much your baby has truly grown. In the every day you don’t really see the changes. Except maybe the big stuff. He started using the potty a few weeks ago and it has been a nice change, but also another reminder that he isn’t a baby anymore. I almost wanted to go back today to a time when he was little. It was so hard, but I still want to go back or really just stop time.

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He sleeps through the night, says the silliest things, like for instance I told him today he was a chatterbox and his response “I’m not a chatterbox, I’m Luke-ie” or when I told him I love him three because he said he loved me too randomly. He responded with “I’m not three I’m six and a half.” He still wants to cuddle and snuggle with me. He is learning the world and I just watch and wonder how he went from a baby to a little boy so quickly.

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It is amazing how quickly they grow up. And soon my little guys who love me and snuggle with me not only won’t need me all the time they will be gone. Living their lives. I don’t like people when they say, “cherish the moments” because sometimes it is hard to live in these moments of tiredness and just overall hardness. But I don’t think they are talking about the hard parts or maybe in a way they are. Getting up in the middle of the night is hard, but sometimes it is sweet and precious. Just you and your little guy while the rest of the world sleeps, but cherishing those sweet moments that are so special and probably will only happen once or maybe for just a short window of time. Because tomorrow you will turn around and instead of seeing a baby who can’t even move you will see a little boy who is running. Running straight to you.

So cherish these moments, they go by so quickly.

2 comments on “Kids Really Do Grow Up

  1. I agree. I can totally relate. That easter comparison really ays it all. That is a huge change! Fortunately the degree of noticeable changes like that do slow down a tiny bit as they get past the toddler years. It’s still tough though. For me the end of the school year is the hardest!

  2. Oh Amanda, they do grow up so fast, don’t they? I see that and I am not even a mom. Love reading about your beautiful family.

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