Hope Unfolding: You are a Good Mom

I’m recently finished reading Hope Unfolding by Becky Thompson and I have found it to be interesting, relatable and entertaining to read. Nothing earth shattering. And then I started the last chapter. It starts with a message I think we all need to hear. “You are a good mom.” And since she knows you, she knows you bypass the statement and she tells you to go back and read it again. Go back read it again. I’m guessing you are like me and kept right on reading, Becky thought so too, so she says it again and so will I, “You are a good mom.”

good mom, hope unfolding

How can such a simple statement bring so much emotion out of you? At least it did for me. This is what I thought of, it was the first time a friend who I admired told me she thought I was doing a good job at this whole mothering thing. I don’t know why, but I had kind of thought she wasn’t impressed and wondered why I was struggling so much. In that moment she gave me a peek into the mom world that was bigger than me. It was hard for her too when she had little babies. She had always talked about babies with a smile and at the time I wonder why. I was so tired and weary from undertaking this new role that I thought would be a piece of cake, those small words, ‘you are doing a good job’ was such a life line.

good mom, hope unfolding

Another thing that crossed my mind was all the things that make the good mom statement not true. I lost my temper again. I got frustrated and didn’t do a good job of encouraging my son at the task he was doing. I let him watch TV so I didn’t have to worry about him while I was taking care of his brother and then I let him keep watching it so I could have a break. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more things I wish I was doing, but don’t have the time or I am just not that person.

good mom, hope unfolding

But the one thing I didn’t think when I read ‘you are a good mom’ was yeah I am. But luckily the chapter isn’t just one line or the same line repeated over and over. She points out all the good I’m doing. The kisses and hugs, the getting up in the middle of the night over and over, every moment you are mothering those little ones. You are giving so much and you don’t even realize how much. For some reason the more I read the more I wondered what good actually meant, because I think when I thought good I just said okay, good enough, adequate. So when I looked it up I found good is so much more than just average. I think my favorite definition of the word good is the benefit or advantage to someone or something. You are a benefit to your kid because you are their mom. You are a benefit to your spouse because you are mom. You can cause your child to have an advantage because he has you as a mom. You are a good mom. Another good definition for the word good is having the qualities required for a specific role. Maybe you don’t feel like you have the qualities required to be a mom, but I know you do. You are a good mom.

good mom, hope unfolding

So maybe you have had a bad day or just don’t think you are a good mom. Well I know something you don’t. You are a good mom and I’m sure if I asked your little one(s) they would enthusiastically agree.

You do so much more than you know. Don’t let Satan believe the lie of “you are not a good mom,” because you are a good mom and that is a powerful thing.

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