Complaining Affects your Attitude

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My mom recently forwarded me an article about complaining and I immediately felt convicted. She had spent a week visiting so I assumed maybe I had complained too much or who knows. In the end she said she just sent it to me because it was a good message and everyone complains. I agree, so I’m going to share it with you and share what I was convicted of and why I am trying to change. I’m doing a ten-day no complaining challenge and day one was crazy and having a good attitude made it not so bad.

Complaining can really dampen your mood and it doesn’t do anything to help build up those around you. And the more you complain the more your mood sours and the more you find to complain about so in the end it is just a downward spiral. But there is something you can do. Instead of complaining about a situation or a person, you can change it or if there isn’t anything you can do to change it you can adjust your attitude.

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I found that most things I have been complaining about are really not things I can change. When I was convicted I thought about how much I seem to complain about my husband. I knew it would be a rough time having a new baby, but it seems even harder than I remember. I often times keep track of the things I’m doing and complain about the things I think my husband should be doing. Some of this is caused by a lack of sleep, but I truly needed a wake up call and an attitude adjustment.


Last night as I embarked on this challenge I studied about what love is. And I realized I have not been a very loving wife. I have kept records of wrong, I have boasted of all I am doing, I have not been kind, I have been easily angered, I have not been patient and the list goes one. I realized no wonder I have been struggling and complaining about my husband is because I have not been loving and I guess I’m a little tired. Luckily, God gives us an example of how to love and gives grace for the times we fail.

So I am working to change my attitude on the things I can’t change and changing the things I can. There isn’t anything I can do about the traffic on the way to doctor appointments so instead of getting frustrated I planned ahead and had plenty of time and when my oldest started singing wheels on the bus when we passed a bus on the highway I joined in and helped him remember all the different options. Smiling in traffic and singing, so much better than other options.

I hope you will consider a ten day challenge if you are like me and started to let complaining overtake you. Attitude is everything and it really plays a huge part on how our day goes.

What sort of things do you complain about? Can you change them or do you need to adjust your attitude?

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  1. Sounds good. I’m in. I love how you are humble enough to admit to your short comings and decide to be honest and do something about it. Great encouragement and I need help in this area more than anyone.

    • I’m so glad you are in. It was hard not to share when I started to see how much complaining was really affecting my life. I was letting it creep in and take over and steal my joy and happiness. I still am working on it, but it is something i am aware of now and don’t just let it go and take over.

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