A Hidden Village in Afghanistan

Michelle Obama recently announced that women veterans should tell our stories:

“(Your stories) are so worth telling, and our girls, our granddaughters need to hear them. If you are a woman veteran, if you have worn the uniform and served bravely, I want to ask you to stand tall.” –

That is part of why I started my blog so to add to the series of my deployment here is another adventure (written in an email home during my deployment in 2010):


I had heard stories of villages that hadn’t seen any troops since the Russians (the Russians invaded Afghanistan during the Cold War era), but never thought that they existed in Kapisa, but it turns out they do.

We are currently trying to build a road to link the Northern and Southern parts of the Province and on our site survey we ran into a village that was so afraid of the troops that were entering their village that they ran to hide when we showed up.  After a few minutes of us waiting, a few very brave elders came out to meet the troops and it was then discovered that they had yet to see any Americans or French since the conflict began and when the Russians had come through during the cold war they would just spray bullets as they drove through and leave.  It is no wonder they are running for cover when they see military approach.

Overall, it was a very successful mission. The people were overjoyed to hear that we were planning on building a road through their village and even gave a point of contact for a person who would contact other villages along the proposed route to see what their feelings were as well.  I really hope that we can get this road accomplished because it would mean so much to these people who had to go through so much long ago.  I’m glad that the Provincial Reconstruction Team was able to make a positive impact in a community that hadn’t seen anyone from the United States since the war began.  These small missions of hope make it easier to be away from friends and family and make it feel like our job is worthwhile.

News from the Forward Operating Base: We were able to hold a BBQ on Sunday, it was hot and windy, but still turned out to be a good amount of fun.  We made steaks, so that was a special treat, normally we grill hamburgers when we get to grill. We marinated the steaks in pepper, salt and garlic and they were yummy.  I normally don’t eat steak, but I wasn’t going to pass up a meal that sounded so yummy and I’m glad I didn’t. It was really good stuff and a great change from the normal food we get. Because of the wind and smoke from the BBQ we were covered in dirt by the time it was all done and over with.   I came back to my office and used a baby wipe on my face and the amount of dirt I had collected was a little gross. I may be deployed in Afghanistan, but I’m still a girl who isn’t super fond of dirt.

Well we are almost down to less than 100 days in theater; I think that milestone will be something that we will have a celebration about.  I am so excited that we are over halfway done and the number of days in country keeps getting higher and the number of days left is continuing to get smaller and smaller. It is approaching a number that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for all the love and support.


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    • Thanks for reading. I love that i can share my experiences again with a bigger audience. It is a story that needs to be told.

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