Why I’m planning a Natural Child Birth

Before I was pregnant with my first child I had no idea what labor and delivery entailed. I knew the way Hollywood portrayed it. And I knew that there were options for drugs, cesareans for emergencies and maybe a few other things, but that was pretty much it. I didn’t know natural child birth was a thing. My plan after getting pregnant was to go to the hospital and have a baby. I would use drugs. There wasn’t much more planning than that. But a funny thing about pregnancy is that it lasts for nine months. And you can learn a lot while you are waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive.

Natural Child birth

Learning About Childbirth

My neighbor wanted to watch a video about childbirth. I do not think I even asked what it was called. She wasmy friend and a girl’s night sounded like fun so I showed

 up. We watch Orgasmic Birth. The title should have been a clue and the first few minutes were interesting to say the least. But once the weird part was over. It ended up being a very informative birthing video. And started me on a path toward natural childbirth. It open my eyes to the beauty of childbirth.

I was still pretty sure that even though this idea was interesting, drugs were still the best option. Then I talked to another friend and another. More and more people were telling me about the wonder of childbirth. The pride in their stories made me continue to dig and dig. Finally, I decided to hire a doula. If I had been able to I would have also changed from a hospital to a birthing center.

I was ready for a natural child birth

I had done my research and I was ready for my son’s arrival but things did not go as planned. At a few days shy of 42 weeks I was induced. Labor was long. After approximately 24 hours I had to get an epidural. I was able to deliver my son vaginally after 32 hours of labor. The hospital staff was amazing and helped me bring my son into the world. I learned so much from the experience. Childbirth doesn’t always go as smoothly as the books lay it out. Having trained personnel by your side to help you bring your child into the world, no matter how it ends up natural, medicated or cesarean is an amazing feat. It is your story and you should be proud of what you accomplished.

Trying again for a natural child birth

I am pregnant again with another boy. This time I am planning on delivering at a midwifery with my husband and doula to support me through delivery. I am excited about the opportunity to deliver another beautiful baby into the world. I wonder if this time labor will start naturally. And what the birthing experience will be like. I know what what contractions are like (truthfully I probably forgot). I know I will be stretched and tested, but I cannot wait for this opportunity. And at the end of it I will get to meet the little boy who I feel dancing inside of me as I write this.

I am not worried how my birth story ends up going complications or without a hitch. It will be my story and I will share it with all of you. I want women to take pride in their childbirth stories. And this starts by sharing your story no matter what it is. All stories are powerful and are amazing accomplishments.

Oh and I did get my natural birth after a failed attempt with baby number 1. You can read the whole story here.

What was your childbirth experience like with your children or if you don’t have children yet what are you planning?

Are you planning a natural birth? You should check out my free resource guide to help you plan your own natural childbirth! #childbirth #pregnacy #naturalbirth

Are you planning a natural birth? You should check out my free resource guide to help you plan your own natural childbirth! #childbirth #pregnacy #naturalbirth
Are you planning a natural birth? You should check out my free resource guide to help you plan your own natural childbirth! #childbirth #pregnacy #naturalbirth

8 comments on “Why I’m planning a Natural Child Birth

  1. Ha ha, the name of he video did make me laugh out loud, but I think I had heard of it and even heard great things about it. I didn’t realize you were in labor SOOO long last time 🙁 I’ll be praying that this birth is smooth and peaceful for you. I can’t believe we are already near the end of our pregnancies. So exciting.

    • It was pretty funny and the start didn’t help, but it had so much good information. I’m so thankful for my friends who opened my eyes to the beauty and power of natural birth. It was a long labor, sharing the full story on Thursday, can’t wait to see what you think. I’m so excited we got to share this journey of pregnancy together, it is always fun to have friends who are pregnant at the same time. 🙂 Someday our paths will cross and we can take a picture of our babies together.

  2. I’m praying for you! We’ve been on such similar journeys with our little ones. I wish doctors wouldn’t induce so soon. prayerfully this will go better and you’ll have a different story <3

    • I’m praying too, but know God is in control and whatever happens will be another story worth sharing. Can’t wait to meet our new arrival. So excited to share your story in a few weeks.

  3. I have a dear young friend who just had her first about a year ago and had planned a natural childbirth at home with a midwife. But she ended up very sick with eclampsia and had to have a c-section at a hospital. While thankful for the medical help available, she grieved the loss of her planned birth, but did finally realize that God was in charge and watching over her and her baby, and it didn’t matter if all of her carefully thought-out and planned-for options didn’t happen: she got a sweet daughter, and both of them are ok, and that’s what counts. That doesn’t mean don’t plan or think through options, but be ready to relinquish them if things don’t work out as hoped for.

    • It is true, it is just an amazing accomplishment to create new life. I thinking planning and education is really important, but if it doesn’t go the way you planned it doesn’t mean you failed it just means your story is different.

  4. Beautiful story. And you’re right, every mother has a different experience when it comes to childbirth. Either way, each experience is an experience of how only God can give life.

    I was blessed to birth 3 children. All were delivered a natural birth. I had demeral for my first child. It’s a very munipulative drug. Since there are parts of labor and delivery that I don’t remember, I vowed not to used any drugs again diring childbirth and I didn’t.

    I’m happy you’re deciding to give birth naturally. I can say this. After birthing all 3 of my children, I felt so revived. I was up walking immediately. I healed quickly and was often told by others that it didnt appear as if I had just had a baby. I believe that allowed me to enjoy my babies that much more.

    But remember, if your experience to have a natural birth takes a different route, don’t feel discouraged. The most important thing is to have a healthy baby and healthy mommy.

    • If everything doesn’t go as planned I will probably be a little disappointed, but I will also know I did what I could to get the birth experience I wanted and a healthy baby will be a blessing no matter how my story goes. I am looking forward to sharing my story after the experience. I want people to be proud of their birth stories and fee that sharing why and how birth happens helps women to take control. Thanks for stopping by. I love hearing about how so many women took control of their births.

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