Why I Would Choose Pain for Childbirth

It happened again . I was at the Doctor’s office for a prenatal visit and a conversation started between myself and another pregnant woman nearby. The topic came up about where I was giving birth and she quickly exclaimed how she could never give birth without the drugs and thinks it’s a bit crazy. Her final statement was “The end result is the same so why suffer?”
I think this is a pretty common philosophy among women and my canned response is always “Well, it’s definitely something you have to be passionate about”
For me it is something I am passionate about, but I have had to question myself. Am I really that crazy? Would I describe the pain of childbirth as “suffering”? “How can I know what I am missing out on if I have never even tried an epidural?”
I may be crazy, but no matter how much I try to talk myself out of it I always come back to preferring a natural birth.
After having each of my three children natural in an alternative birth environment I can honestly say that I like the organic raw connection I have with my baby and my body as new life passes through me. I enjoy the feeling of strength and empowerment as I give way to the rhythm of the contractions.
I don’t know how it feels with an epidural. I am sure it’s still one of the greatest moments of your life no matter what, but there is certainly plenty of research and studies to suggest that epidurals interfere with some of the major hormones of labor and birth. To me there is no greater intoxicating euphoria than when the baby is born and you get that initial skin to skin contact. It is an indescribable high. You go from this intense pain and struggle to instant relief and rapture. It is incredible.
I am not diminishing anyone else’s labor experience because again, it’s a new baby how can it not be amazing? And since the women choosing not to get  epidurals are by far the minority I can only assume that there is another side to the story and maybe I am missing out! It’s a different and unique experience for each mother.
In my case I am probably influenced by the birth options my mother chose with me. I was born at home with a midwife at a whopping 9 pounds 9 ounces. I’ve never felt pressured whatsoever to do the things the same way my mom did, but she is had 4 children that way and I have three and it’s been a positive experience for both of us.
Baby #4 is due any day now. I have plans for another natural water birth, but this birth could be completely different than the other three. I have been blessed with some pretty smooth and consistent labor and deliveries, but if this one doesn’t go as planned I am totally okay with that. There are lots of reasons that women choose or need intervention.
But, just in case anyone else is wondering “why would you suffer when the end result is the same” I hope I have provided a little insight.
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7 comments on “Why I Would Choose Pain for Childbirth

    • I am hoping this series brings education and information to those who are looking into how they are delivering. I love how modern medicine helps us in so many areas, but sometimes I think we forget our bodies were made to do this and maybe medicine over complicates things rather than helping the natural process. No matter what people decide to do for their births they should be proud, bringing life into the world is an amazing accomplishment.

  1. I think you really need to do what works best for YOU! I do not enjoy the debate, or ever want to get into those conversations – it’s always so fascinating that people work so hard to convince others that there way is the “right” way. To each their own, truly! Having said that, I had a natural childbirth for my first and an emergency c-section for #2 (full placental abrupion) so the choice wasn’t as easy. Honestly though, people get so wrapped up in other peoples business, it’s silly!

    • I agree. The point of this series is to do what is best for you and to be proud of your birth story. In the beginning I had no plans of actually doing research into child birth I was just planning on doing whatever I was told, but the more I learned and the more people talked to me the more interested I became in natural childbirth. In the end you are bringing a child into the world and as with your case sometimes medical intervention is not only necessary, but life saving. Thanks for sharing your perspective. 🙂

  2. I had epidurals with both of my kids, but I completely respect those who do otherwise. I think it’s great that you’re doing a series like this. It’s so much better than the debate that puts people on the defensive!

  3. I am glad you see it that way. I am just trying to bring both sides to the middle and have a good discussion and for people to be informed for their birth. The next birth stories am sharing are all so different and range from epidurals to natural to cesarean.

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