L’s Birth Story through Pictures


My friend recently shared some of her birth story experiences through pictures and I was inspired to do the same. You can read the whole story here, but if you just want to see some of the pictures taken during and right after labor keep “reading.”

Birth story

Early labor at the hospital.

Birth Story

More intense labor in the afternoon. My favorite position was to “slow dance” through the contractions

Birth Story

The hospital chart keeping track of the contractions

Birth Story

Right before I had to get the epidural. A concerned husband, while I was in the shower

Birth Story

He is almost out. My midwife is ready to catch him.

Birth Story

On the warming table being evaluated.

Birth Story

Skin to skin with my new baby boy.

Thanks for journeying through my birth story through pictures. It is exciting and a little bit scary to share something so personal with all of you, but if you came to my house and were interested one of my favorite things to show friends is my Shutterfly book of pictures from L’s birth. It was not the story I expected or planned, but it is something I am proud of and am so glad these pictures were taken so I can share them with all of you.

I think one of the things I am most surprised after labor is how much I enjoy the pictures that were taken during labor. So many people post about taking pictures after labor, but looking back on this accomplishment of child birth through pictures is a special way to remember the experience. I’m looking forward to see what pictures come from my next baby’s birth experience.

Did anyone take pictures at your child’s birth?

My husband joked about wearing a GoPro for baby #1, I wonder if he might actually do it for Baby #2. 🙂

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