Baby Shower Tea and Baby Bump


With the pregnancy drawing to a close, I’m 36 weeks today, I wanted to share some of the fun things that have been going on to prepare and celebrate the new baby’s arrival.

My girl friends threw me a beautiful afternoon tea party shower. I love tea and although the California weather makes it so hot tea isn’t always a desirable option I’m still a tea-drinking girl. We had perfect weather for our outdoor tea party in November. Here are some fun pictures from the event.

thumb_IMG_9929_1024 thumb_IMG_9930_1024 thumb_IMG_0017_1024 thumb_IMG_9951_1024

My favorite part about the shower besides spending time with friends was the fact that they went through such great lengths to make me feel special and kept the fact it was a tea party a surprise. I felt so loved and blessed by all the ladies who made the day special to celebrate me and my new one who we will all get to meet in the next few weeks.

thumb_IMG_9977_1024 thumb_IMG_9966_1024 thumb_IMG_9958_1024 thumb_IMG_9955_1024 thumb_IMG_9936_1024

We also had the opportunity for a friend to take some baby bump pictures. We were a little worried about the weather, we have had a few windy days, but the weather was perfect. And the sunset, ocean and day was perfect. God showed off his beauty in a spectacular way and we were lucky enough to get some great pictures.

1511_Baby_J_028 1511_Baby_J_017

We left our 2 year old behind with his friend and dad while we did our pictures, but were able to get some super cute family photos.

1511_Baby_J_079 1511_Baby_J_090

The only thing left to do is a few more loads of laundry, a little bit of organizing and I guess a lot or a little of waiting until he decides to make his arrival. Oh and then there is Christmas that is 3 days after his guess date.

I know celebrating your birthday around Christmas time sometimes leaves kids feeling like they got jipped, but I am really excited to have this special blessing during this special season. I can’t wait to share more soon.

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