My journey to MOPS

Tomorrow is the first day of Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) for the 2015 year at our church and since last year I would not have even expected to be a member of MOPS let alone on the leadership team and heading to MOMCON in just over two weeks I thought I should share the story of my journey to MOPS.


My journey to MOPS

I had heard a lot about Mother’s of Preschoolers (MOPS) before I actually joined a group. I had heard it was a great place to connect with other moms of toddlers. I had heard it was a group that could provide you encouragement and support. I had friends who had been in MOPS and friends who had decided not to join. A lot of the chatter I had heard was negative, some was good, but overall I decided MOPS really was not for me and I almost missed out on something great that I really needed.

When I quit working to stay at home the thing that surprised me the most was how lonely I was. Stuck at home with a baby who couldn’t talk and did not really do a lot left a lot to be desired. I had no one to converse with outside the world of Facebook. And my days seemed to be longer and longer. I would count down the hours until my husband would leave from work and then pepper him with questions and try to make up for nearly no human interaction all day.  I do not even know if I realized how truly lonely I was.

Then we got orders to move from Ohio to California. I had no expectations that I would make good friends in California. I was happy that I was going to be closer to family and looking forward to a new adventure, but what was in store wasn’t expected.

I joined a Bible study at the church we started attending and the leader suggested I look into MOPS. I decided I might as well look into it since most of the women in the Bible study I had chosen had children in high school instead of diapers. Unfortunately, childcare was already packed to the max for MOPS and the other local MOPS group met on the same day as Bible study. I chalked it up as something I wasn’t going to do. A few weeks in to the Bible study session I met a girl who was at my church doing a Bible study with a bunch of other young moms. I had already decided the group I had joined wasn’t the right place for me, but was waiting until the semester ended to try something new. After talking to my leader she suggested I try the other group.

What an amazing blessing to be part of a group of other young moms. The first week I knew I had found the right spot. Most of the moms in the group also were a part of MOPS. It took a little bit of encouragement, but I decided to put my paperwork in as early as possible in hopes of getting childcare and grabbing a spot in MOPS. I really just wanted to know what MOPS was about.

After a few meetings I was hooked. Not only was it a place to spend two hours with friends while my son was in childcare with his friends. I also got a hot breakfast, fellowship, someone I could relate with and more. I fell in love with MOPS and am now part of the leadership team and want everyone I know to join in.

MOPS is a great place for moms of young children to connect and I feel so blessed to be part of an amazing group. I am going to MOMcon (MOPS annual convention) in a few weeks and can’t wait to share about the experience.

If you are a part or have been in the past, what is your favorite part of MOPS? And what is the best advice you would give a new mom?

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  1. MOPS gave me friends when I desperately needed them. A good MOPS group will unify moms, not focus on the things that divide us. I owe so so much to God leading me to MOPS!

    (See you at MomCon, sweet friend!!)

    • I can’t wait to see you next week too! I agree God bringing me to MOPS was an unexpected gift and I am glad I can use it to serve others. 🙂

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