Disney Half Marathon

What a fun weekend. If you ever get the opportunity to run a Disney Half Marathon or any other Disney running event I highly recommend it.


It may cost a little bit extra and you may have to be standing by your computer when registration opens to get one of the coveted spots, but it is worth all the effort to do it.


Disneyland Half Marathon

Labor Day weekend with over 15,000 runners and two really good friends I ran the Disney Half Marathon. It was the 10-year anniversary for the event and 60-year anniversary of Disneyland. The start time was 5:30, but with no time submitted and being one of the last 200 people to register I was in the last corral and didn’t actually start running until 6:24. I have done one other half marathon and I thought there were a lot of people at that race, but it didn’t even compare in the slightest. It was amazing to see all the runners and fun to see the different costumes people choose to wear for their run.

IMG_0941 IMG_0932

Running Through Disneyland

When we finally started running we headed around the Disney property and eventually ended up inside California Adventure. We first ran through Cars Land and were greeted by DJ and Lightin McQueen and then it was out to the back lots and around to Paradise Pier. The fountains were going and lite up so it was a pretty site.

Then we crossed over to Disneyland ran down main street, through Frontier Land, past Pirates of the Caribbean then on to Splash Mountain, Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land and then swung by Small World and out through Toon Town. There were different characters along the way to stop and take pictures with, but we only stopped to take 3 pictures all in Fantasy Land. First was Alice and Wonderland since we were dressed as Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dum it was a must. Then we also stopped at Peter Pan and in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. It was a little congested in the park with narrow streets and so many people when we finally left Disneyland and their back lots behind and headed to the open road it was like we could finally breathe.


Leaving Disney on the Way to Angles Stadium

We ran and ran knowing we were heading toward Angles Stadium, but surprisingly there were few spots without people nearby to cheer us on. There were multiple marching bands and cheer squads lining the route along with marachee bands, children dancing, hula girls and so many rows and rows of classic cars they must have stretched for at least a mile leading up to Angles Stadium. There were also plenty of water stations to help refuel our bodies with Gatorade or water.


I was pretty stoked about running through Angles Stadium, but was in for an even bigger treat. The first base line side of the stands was full of people cheering us on. It gave me goose bumps to be running on the field with all those people cheering. It was simply amazing. We stopped to take a picture when we entered and then again at home plate. We were about 9.5 miles into our run at this point and it was a great pick me up.


Almost Done

We made it to mile 10 and decided we should take one more picture before heading on. The last 3 miles we were mostly focused on making it to the finish line. It was encouraging to be counting down 3, 2, 1 mile to go. There were more people cheering and encouraging us along the way. A shout out to the New Balance cheer squad that had Shake it Off blasting and so many energetic cheers.

When we could finally see Disneyland again we knew the end was almost there. And then we were at the home stretch heading down the last .25 miles and then done. We received our medals and I stopped my phone from tracking the race. Then I saw our time had to be less than 2 hours 30 minutes, which was our goal. I was so proud and excited for us. Not only had we finished. But also we set a great time for my friend’s first half and with me being 6 months pregnant.

It was an amazing experience and I am so excited I get to do it all over again in May.

This is post 2 in a 3 part series about running a half marathon while pregnant. See how training went here. And what other things happened during the weekend here.

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    • I’m signed up to do the Tinker Bell half in May you should look into doing it too. Mother’s Day weekend, perfect mother daughter event. 😉

    • Thanks. It was so much fun and I feel so lucky I was able to participate especially since I was so far along in my pregnancy. 🙂

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