Running a Half Marathon while pregnant


When I got pregnant with my first son I was working out 6 days a week doing P90X2. My husband and I had been doing P90X together for a few rounds and then moved on to X2. Then we found out I was pregnant and I was so excited. Here was my free pass, I checked out and said I’m done. I continued to work out, but it wasn’t the same intensity and a crazy thing happened a few months later I missed it so much. I even tried to jump in with my hubby one night when he was working out. He quickly told me I hadn’t been working out at such a high intensity and I couldn’t join in. What a party pooper, but he was right.

So now I’m pregnant again and I may have signed up for a half marathon in February (I wasn’t pregnant then) knowing we were trying to get pregnant, but so far had been unsuccessful so why not right? Well, what do you know? Somewhere in late March we were successful and now at 25 weeks I will be running the Dumbo Disney Half Marathon in a few weeks with a good friend. I am so excited and looking back I am so excited I signed up. The marathon has given me motivation to keep pushing it hard even though I’m pregnant. And I have learned how amazing your body is.

My view from most of my runs.

My view from most of my runs.

My training pace is a little bit slower than I planned and my strength training had to be a little modified, but I can still do what I was doing before my constant companion joined me. Last week I ran 9 miles at a consistent 10 minute mile pace and then after a rest day was able to run 4 miles at 9:20 pace, followed by strength training once a week, yoga almost every day and more running. Each week I have a huge commitment hanging over my head that gives me motivation to keep moving and having a training partner has made it even more enjoyable. Even though, I think she might have wanted to trip me on our last run. 😉

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I still cannot believe how good I feel. It is amazing. Yes some days I am a little tired and most days can’t wait for my son’s naptime so I can get a quick 20 minute or longer breather to just rest. But at 21 weeks pregnant I feel so strong and am so proud of what I am doing.

I wrote this a few weeks back. I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant and my half marathon is less than two weeks away. Still doing great. Did 10 miles two weeks ago and another 8 last Saturday! You are stronger than you think you are. And thanks to a great training partner. I couldn’t have done it without you Lindsay!

What crazy thing have you done while pregnant that you were surprised you could do?

I think the craziest thing I have actually done was ride a few roller coasters at Disneyland that may have been on the edge of don’t ride while pregnant. I was 18 weeks, but it was so much fun.


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