Soon To Be Mom – A Letter to You

I know I haven’t been blogging a lot these last few months, but the topic for this week’s Tuesday at Ten caught my eye and had an idea stirring around that I just had to write down. So here is my spin on “If I could write a letter to a past me…”

A letter to me before I became a mom. Before I became a mom I thought I knew it all. I though being a mom would be another test I would pass with flying colors. It couldn't be as hard as everyone said. Here is a letter to a past version of me before I became a mom. #momlife #dearmommytobe #firstpregnancy

Dear soon to be Mom,

You are in your last few weeks of pregnancy waiting for your little boy to arrive and you are focused on labor and delivery and are thinking that is the hardest thing to come in the next few months, but here is something no one told you or maybe you just were not listening. Labor is the easy part. Maybe your soon to mom mind doesn’t understand me. Here it is, sure it will test you and stretch you in more ways than one and it will be a lot of work, but it is just the beginning of the work. You will finish the race of pregnancy only to begin another one that is definitely not a sprint.

Sleepless nights await you.

You think you know what it is like to be tired and your experiences in life have prepared you, but nothing can truly prepare you for what is coming. You are a joining a club where stories you have heard will finally start making sense. Sweet soon to be mom, you won’t think they were exaggerating or wondering how it is possible to survive. You will know it is possible, but really only because you lived it not because it makes any amount of sense. A light will come on, you will now understand.


Sleep won’t be the hardest part

I guess the hardest thing to come isn’t really the lack of sleep. It is all the books, blogs and magazine articles you read making you believe that there is a secret to being the perfect mom. The belief that all babies are the same. You will start out strong and think you have got it all figured out. Then your baby won’t do what the books says for sleeping, napping, eating and list will go on. All you will see is the word failure written across your forehead. And for a girl who never failed at anything she set out to accomplish. This will hurt. It will hurt a lot.

You are not alone

But weeks will pass and slowly you will learn you are not alone in the struggle of early motherhood. Others you know are right beside you in the trenches and those who say it will get easier really are telling you the truth. One day you will look at your two year old who takes good naps, sleeps consistently well and is starting to pop out words that make sentences. He will be growing so fast right before your eyes. And before you know it your days will be full of fun and laughter, instead of fear and frustration. You will wonder what happened to that little baby. And in some crazy way miss those days of struggle because you know you can never go back.


So now, it is a few years later and you are about to embark on another journey. Jumping from one baby to two. I wonder what you will learn this time. You learned so much in round one. The struggle, frustration and pain of living through the first year of your baby’s life were hard, but the hard work is starting to pay off and now life is about to be shaken up all over again.

Love, Mom of a two year old

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7 comments on “Soon To Be Mom – A Letter to You

  1. I love this. Nothing can truly prepare you for motherhood but you do it and everyone survives 🙂 you’ve gone above and beyond as a mommy and Luke is so blessed to have you. Two will be even more amazing, though the first few months will probably be very hard. But, before you know it, you’ll have a two year old and four year old and it’ll probably be so much fun. I miss you. I am so glad we are on this journey together.

    • I’m so glad we are on this motherhood journey together as well, but it was more fun when you were in CA. So thankful for the military for bringing us together though. I’m sure it will be tough, but I can’t wait to meet the little man growing inside of me. 🙂

  2. Amanda, I have missed you. What a beautiful letter. And congrats on Baby #2. I am such a baby lover. I could sit, hold, and cuddle infants all day long if I could.

    • Thanks Tara, I have missed of all you as well. It has been a nice break from blogging, but I’m starting to miss it, which means maybe it is time to start writing again.

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