Stay at home Mom

Originally publish June 9, 2014

Staying at home at times can be lonely and some days are long, but it also has its good days and they are awesome. When I worked I was always jealous of the fun I saw my stay at home mom friends having each day.

And somehow in my transition from work to staying at home mom I got lost and didn’t see the possibilities. And forgot how fun it could be.

So when people ask what if it’s like to be a stay at home mom, I now answer it rocks!

Play date on Tuesday, Zoo trip on Thursday, no problem.

Hiking on Monday, Lunch date on Friday.

My calendar some weeks is empty and we stay home and do laundry and clean house, but some weeks I’m so busy and get to have so much fun with Luke.

He is learning and growing so fast and I get to be there for all of it. It is pretty amazing when you think about it. And I feel so blessed.

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  1. Isn’t it great? I miss having that time with Christian, but am looking forward to having that time again with both in the future.

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