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Taken before shooting, but still fun!

Taken before shooting, but still fun!

Tomorrow at whatever time your local station airs Price is Right you should sit down and watch or record their show. My husband and I decided to take advantage of living in Los Angeles and head down to CBS studios to be part of a taping of the Price is Right.


It was a military couples special so it seemed like a good time to go and visit. I used to watch the Price is Right almost every day on my lunch break when I was working at Wright-Patterson AFB. We had a conference room with a television and the show would start at 11 and lunch was at 1130. The group of officers I ate with would yell out prices and make guesses between small talk and conversation. So getting the opportunity to go and see the show was really a fun experience.

In case you have thought about going to the show her is a little information on what goes on and how to get tickets. It is easy to get tickets, just go to the Price is Right website and pick your date. You want to go to a show where priority tickets are still available so you don’t have to worry about if you will get in or not. Even with priority tickets there is a small possibility that you won’t get in. We had priority tickets and arrived about 15 minutes before the slated time on our ticket and were able to get in easily. We were with another couple and made the mistake of not telling the check in people we were together, even though we we had separate tickets and in the end, ended up separated during the actual shooting.


Once you arrive you are handed paperwork to fill out about if you have ever won something on a show, been to another show and what not. As we were waiting for the paperwork to be collected a employee came through the line to give us our name tags. Someone asked him if he had to be trained to write names and I was surprised when he answered yes. We also had numbers to keep everything running smoothly for the show. As we got closer to the front of the line we saw they were taking pictures of everyone in front of a green screen. We ended up buying one picture for $20 to remember the memory.

After we went through this first line we went around the corner to wait in another line to wait for our turn to be interviewed. Groups of 10-20 people were quickly interviewed and then the next batch would line up. We were around a number of Air Force personnel so it was hard to stand out, especially when the guy two before Michael did something very similar to what he did.

After this point we went around another corner where we walked through a metal detector and they took our phones. It was kind of a bummer they took our phones because we couldn’t get any good photos. We were told it would be about 1.5 hours before we would enter the showroom and there was food available for purchase, cash only. We had read up on Yelp to know to bring cash and were able to get some food, it was pretty pricey, but it tasted good enough. If we had planned ahead better I would have made lunches. They had a drinking fountain to fill up waters as well. After watching a few shows of Price is Right it was time to enter.

Each person was had a seat on the seating chart and based on your number determined where you sat. We were separated from our friends. They were up near the front while we were closer to the back. The studio is a lot smaller than it looks on tv so even the back seats are not too far away. People were excited about the show finally starting and as people were seated a wave began back and forth. We cheered and danced in our seats waiting until it was time!

The show was finally about to begin. Out came Drew and the show started. A lot of screaming and fun. I can’t give all the details away from the show, but maybe I can do a follow up post about the actual event in the future.

I hope you get a chance to tune in tomorrow April 15th to see the show and see how we did.

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  1. It’s on my calendar…just waiting ’til tomorrow – and will have to make hubby wait ’til after lunch for us to go grocery shopping!!! He can wait…

    Sounds like you had a good time; can’t wait to watch!!

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