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The first time I flew to California with my son he was almost four months old.  My sister traveled with me from Ohio to California and on the way back I was by myself.  It was nice to have help on the way out and gave me confidence I could do it on my own.  My sister said she did not really do anything to help me on the way out. And maybe she did not, but knowing she was there was helpful and gave me confidence I could do it. In the days before I headed back she kept telling me I did not really need her and I would do great.  She was right.  My son and I didn’t have any issues. If I needed help I asked the random stranger here and there to snap my Ergo or hold my baby and everyone was willing to help. The second trip my son was six month and my husband was with me.

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~Air Travel with an Infant Tips~

Make sure you have a baby carrier.  I used an Ergo and it was a life saver. Especially for the trip I flew alone.  I would recommend testing out different carriers prior to your trip.  Some babies don’t like certain carriers and others love them. You definitely need one when you are walking around the airport. You can use a stroller, but your hands will not be free and you have to fold it up when you go through security. Speaking of security.

If you are wearing a baby, you don’t have to go through the scanner. Just let a TSA employee know you need assistance and they will help you out. Going through with a baby strapped to you is easier than normal security. I almost wish I could always have a baby with me. ☺

I recommend checking as much as possible.  Airlines allow you to check strollers and car seats for free, so take advantage of this.  The less stuff you have to worry about in the airport the better.

If you use cloth diapers, use the cover over a disposable diaper to help avoid blowouts.  There is something about airplanes that makes babies poop more.  And to add that my son was teething on the second trip made for a number of poop explosion diapers.

Which leads to my next point, bring lots of diapers and a lot of extra clothes. My diaper bag was full of toys, extra clothes and a ton of diapers.

Bring a new toy to help entertain your baby.  Something they have never seen before so that it may entertain them for longer.

Have fun interactive games on your mobile device.  I never had to use this trick.  My son who normally does not take good naps seemed to be lulled to sleep on most flights and for the rest of the flight was entertained by his new toy and surroundings.

These are a few tips that made flying helpful for me.

Does anyone have any travel tips to add to my list?  Comment below

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  1. These are all great. I agree that if you CAN have help it just gives you that peace of mind. It’s not necessary, and I have flown by myself with an infant many times, but it’s nice to know you have support. Like you said even if it’s just the first time around. I would also suggest breast, bottle, or pacifier for take off and landing. The sucking will reduce the pressure in the ears when the altitude changes, which can be really uncomfortable to some babies.

  2. I guess I left that tip off because when I tried to nurse my baby when I took off he screamed. I thought he was in pain, but really he just didn’t want to nurse. lol. I guess it is true all babies are different. I have heard that it does help a lot of babies though. Great addition! Thanks!

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