Time for a Break

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FMFriday Word: Plan


This weekend is one I have been waiting for.

The planning for this weekend started months ago. It actually was originally planned for last month, but had to be delayed due to something (Superbowl Sunday). It has been a shining light on those days that are so hard to get through.

And now emails and texts flutter back and forth between excited moms and friends who are looking forward to a break. Time to just relax, enjoy and grow closer together.

A spa get away.

Alone. No kids, no husbands, just the girls.

I’m excited about going to the spa, but not just because it will be a break. It will be a break with friends. Time that we can connect with no child pulling us in one direction as we try to have a conversation in the other. It will be a time where we can close our eyes and not worry if a child is running away. Time to relax. Time to enjoy.


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16 comments on “Time for a Break

  1. “Plan” was a perfect word for you today. I love how you said your spa weekend is not just a break, it is a break with friends. Ahhhh, truly a gift. Have a great weekend!

    • And such is life when plans suddenly change when a pipe burst at the resort and everything closes. We had to do some scurrying and more planning, but it looks like our fun relaxing weekend is still happening even if it isn’t the way we expected.

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