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Hey guys, guess what? Today is my anniversary to my amazing husband. I can not believe it has already been 8 years. 4 moves, 1 kid, a few pets, 1 deployment, countless road trips and a lot of fun memories. I can not wait to see what comes next.

In honor of today I am sharing a Five Minute Friday post that I wrote when blogging was just a dream. I had a disagreement with my husband when he left for work the day I wrote it and I sent it to him as a way of saying sorry. He wrote back that he really enjoyed the post and thought it was really good. It is part of the reason why I am blogging and sharing my story today.

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IMG_3801 IMG_4013

There are those we take for granted when life is going well. But it doesn’t take much chaos add to our life to realize how very important they are. When it seems that the world is falling apart all around us. There they are standing, waiting, loving with open arms. I am so grateful for my forever friend.

My husband

My companion

My forever friend

He loves me unconditionally and most days I don’t even know why. He is always there to pick me up when I fall and to hold me when I need it. I am so blessed to have him in my life and I hope that even through all the stress and frustration that I have been feeling the last few months. I hope he knows how much I…

Need him

Love him

Am eternally grateful

I’m pretty sure he knows though.

Because he is always there to…

Love me

Hug me

Listen to me

I am so lucky to have him, so lucky indeed. I hope he feels just as lucky about having me.


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    • My parents are actually coming down this weekend and we are doing a sunrise hot air balloon trip to celebrate! 🙂 So excited. Thanks!

    • Especially when you are a military family and don’t know when and where your next move will take you. So happy to have found such good friends so quickly here. 🙂

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