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It is time for Five Minute Friday. A place to link up with other bloggers and just write for five minutes. The word this week is gather.



As a stay at home mom gathering with friends is a life line to the mundane and everyday parts of life.

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Laundry, scrubbing the floors, vacuuming the rooms, loading and unloading the dish washer can get so mundane and overly frustrating as you do it over and over and over again.

On Tuesday I had to get the house cleaned and organized for a home appraisal for our landlords. The house was probably the cleanest it has been since we have moved in. At least, everything was put in the correct spot or shoved into a closet, by the time my husband arrived home my front room had toys here and there

The back room that was once spotless had a deck of cards covering the floor,

The kitchen sink was empty, but now overflowing with dishes

Clean clothes sat in huge piles on our bed.

So much had been accomplished for the day, but all I could see were the new messes and the walls around me closing in on me. What had been missing from my day was time socializing with friends and a break or at least a change of scenery. I spent the whole day home getting stuff done, but by the end of the day all I saw was all that still needed to be done.

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Somehow on the days I leave my house and spend time with friends the things I do not do, just do not seem to matter as much. I need that encouragement and the I have been there too. It makes such a difference.


So bummed my five minutes is up. I think I could keep going with this post and maybe someday I will add to it. Right now I just want to end and say I am so thankful for all the friends I have had in my life, especially the ones I have in my life right now. You make the days less lonely and I love you and the encouragement you bring to each day.

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18 comments on “Gather with friends

  1. I understand how interactions with friends can be such an important part of a day. I’ve been busy and not kept in touch with some of them as well as I could, and I miss them. Glad to have found your post on FMF 🙂

    • I’m glad I could bring you encouragement and speak to you. Make friends a priority and don’t let business consume you.

  2. It’s so important, as a home-bound Mum (whether that be a SAHM or a work-from-home Mum) to maintain connections …’s what keeps us from being consumed by the monotony of wash-clean-wash-clean-wash-clean……’s, as you say, a lifeline out of the mundane to a place where we’re recharged and reenergised…..loved your post….do hope you add to it! {An FMF friend}

    • Yes it is. Sometimes it gets so lonely and hard being alone. Makes me happy I live on the West Coast, I remember how hard it was to be alone and then have a playdate canceled due to the weather. Thanks for your encouraging words.

  3. Guess you could say I am a “stay at home grandma”; I am retired and have the flexibility to 1) stay at home and do the mundane list of chores that are endless even with just two people; or 2) go hang out with one or both of my daughters; or 3) hang out with friends and work on our scrapbooks or card-making together…but love the flexibility to choose!

    Loved your sharing of time with friends; and how you were able to see the “undone” didn’t matter as much.

    Always love reading your posts!

    • I think the flexibility of staying home is a blessing and is why I love it so much even though sometimes I need someone to talk to. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

    • Me too and after moving from a great group of friends i feel so blessed i found new friends in our new home so quickly.

  4. It’s amazing how a little gathering can lift a person’s spirits 🙂 (Notice I said ‘little’ I’m an introvert so I like gathering in small doses 😉 ). You are blessed to have friends.

  5. All the tests i do say I am introverted, but i really like to be around people…sometimes they overwhelm me…I have learned that when introverts find their tribe and feel comfortable they share so much. I think that I like to sit back and listen and once I’m comfortable I dive in. 🙂

  6. i guess i must be an extrovert like you. i struggle to keep the balance between keeping the house clean enough and spending time with friends in balance.

    spending time with friends tends to win out. then during catch up time, i don’t get to spend much time with friends. sounds like you are living through that season now:)

    • LOL, I am actually lean slightly to introvert side, but it is really big groups and new people who scare me. Once I get close to people I just love to grow deeper friendships and I do feed off the energy. It is a crazy season with a little one, but I am so glad to have friends along side me. 🙂

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