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Last weekend we went to Disneyland to see what Disneyland had done to celebrate the Chinese New Year. If we hadn’t been looking for it we probably would have missed it, but luckily we found it and right as they were about to start a show. It was in Disneyland’s California Adventure’s Paradise Pier across from the Swings and by Goofy’s Flying School.

IMG_0003 IMG_0006

There was a few crafts set up for kids, a line to take pictures with Mickey and Minnie decked out in their Chinese gear and decorations in and around the pavilion. There was also a few shows to watch and we were lucky enough to see a group of dancers perform with Chinese dragons. We had a front row seat and the dragons came up right in front of us. Rolling over, batting their eyes and just looking a little scary. I was surprised my son (almost 2) didn’t freak out. He actually enjoyed the music and dancing.

Although I wouldn’t recommend a trip to Disneyland to just see the Chinese New Years decorations it was fun to see and I am glad we were able to see the show they had running for the event.

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  1. Had no idea that made a fuss of that. I guess they are trying to be very inclusive of all cultures – probably a good thing. I wonder if they celebrate Christian holidays?

    • No, they had a special celebration section to celebrate Mexican culture at Christmas, but I didn’t see anything that mentioned Christ birth. I don’t even think they had the words Merry Christmas on small world ride unless it wasn’t English. lol.

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